Green With Eye Envy

Happy first of March! With spring well on its way and shamrock decor about to take over, this month is all about one color: green. The happy hue reminds me of all things fresh and bright, two things I strive to incorporate into my everyday. One way to celebrate the luck of the Irish and their signature grassy shade is to go green… on your eyes!

When I apply a colored eye shadow, I steer clear of going lid to brow. Especially in this case, where it would appear as if I’m growing a lawn over my eyes. Instead, I choose a neutral shade that matches my skin tone to accompany and balance out the stronger shade.

I’ve learned, to keep heavily pigmented colors from falling onto your face during application, causing crazy color cheeks (yikes), apply your eye make up before foundation. Post eye-make up, clear any debris using a cotton swab with toner.

3 Steps To Shamrock-Inspired Eye Makeup:

1. Go Neutral
I apply this skin-tone-like shade beneath my brow bone. If you really want the green to pop, you can apply the neutral shade from lid to tip. This way, the lighter shade creates a base for the color.

2. Get Grassy
Lightly sweep the color over your lids. Repeat until you’ve achieved the desired color intensity.

3. Blend
Dust the color off your brush or use a new blending brush to lightly blend the green into the crease of your eye. This should create an ombre-like effect, going from your dark lid getting lighter as it reaches your brow.

For a more subtle use of green eye makeup, try replacing your black eyeliner for emerald!

Will you try green eye shadow this spring? I think it’s so fun!

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  • Agustina Castro

    Its a great idea!!! ???

  • Lorraine Breternitz

    I’m game to gussy up with green! Maybe we can get a vlog at some point with make-up tips? You know, for those of us (me) that are in need of visuals. 😉

  • Christina

    Going green on the eyes sounds good to me! I always crave pops of color more when springtime comes. 🙂

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