The New Standard For Grilled Cheese

Getting to explore Birmingham while we’re breaking from filming Bigger has been an incredible adventure. Let me tell you, this town doesn’t mess around when it comes to good food! I had one of the greatest grilled cheese sandwiches of all time from the restaurant Urban Standard. And I know my grilled cheese!

This particular sammy boasts four different cheeses, garlic, and herbs. I told you — they’re not messing around! For an experience that your taste buds will never forget, check out this recipe straight from the chefs at Urban Standard in Birmingham, Alabama!

Urban Standard Grilled Cheese

• Good quality bread (we use a natural leavened loaf from a local bakery)
• Good quality butter for toasting
• Sharp Cheddar Cheese
• Provolone Cheese
• Colby Jack Cheese
• Goat Cheese Spread (see recipe below)

• Begin by spreading the goat cheese spread on both pieces of bread, liberally. Really, don’t skimp — this stuff is delicious.
• Add one (or more if you’re feeling cheesy) slice of the remaining cheeses to the sandwich.
• In a non-stick skillet or on a griddle, place an (un)healthy amount of butter and allow it to heat until the foam subsides.
• Place the sandwich on the butter and press** to make sure that there’s even contact between the slice of bread and the cooking surface.
• When one side is toasted well, remove from heat, add another (un)healthy measure of butter, allow it to heat until the foam subsides, and repeat the process of toasting for the other side of the sandwich.
• Chances are, the cheese isn’t quite melted at this point, so continue to alternate sides of the sandwich on the cooking surface (no more butter required… unless you want to, which is totally fine), taking care to avoid burning, until the cheese is melted well.
• Let the sandwich rest for a couple of minutes, preferably on a wire rack so the bottom side doesn’t get soggy, and enjoy!

** Urban Standard uses grill weights to help with this. They say they’re pretty cheap and worth having a couple around if you ever cook steaks or burgers! **

Goat Cheese Spread:
• 1 lb Goat Cheese
• 1/2 lb Cream Cheese
• 1/4 c Heavy Whipping Cream
• 10 cloves Garlic (or more…depending on how much you like your garlic)
• 1 1/2 T Thyme Leaves, fresh
• 1 T Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

(makes roughly 2-3 cups)

1. Remove goat cheese and cream cheese from refrigerator and allow to come to room temperature.
2. Preheat oven to 375.
3. Place garlic cloves in a foil pouch with a little oil and salt.
4. Roast garlic in pouch until fragrant and browning slightly, about 10-15 minutes.
5. While garlic is roasting, roughly chop thyme leaves.
6. Coarsely grind black peppercorns.
7. When the garlic is finished roasting, use a mortar and pestle (alternately, you can mince with a knife) to create a paste out of the garlic.
8. Place goat cheese, cream cheese, garlic paste, thyme, and black pepper in a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment.
9. Beat on medium to combine ingredients.
10. While mixing, slowly add heavy whipping cream to the mixture and continue to beat until the mixture is soft and fluffy.
11. Remove and use or store in refrigerator. Keeps for up to one week.

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  1. That sounds awesome! Can’t wait to try the goat cheese spread. In a pinch, I bet you could substitute Boursin for the goat cheese – I’ve used it in grilled cheese before and it works great!

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