10 Genius Kitchen Gadgets Designed to Keep You Healthy

Cooking clean isn’t only about the food you’re making. Creating healthy meals has a great deal to do with the tools you use to create them! If you limit yourself to a pot and a pan, you’re missing out on many delish dishes. Zucchini is great, but you know what’s better? Zucchini noodles — thanks to the spiralizer!

Sweet potatoes have always been a staple but I didn’t know food love until I sliced ’em up and threw ’em into an air fryer. When I’m cooking, I like to measure everything out and use as little oil as possible. I depend on measuring cups and oil misters so I can keep servings under control.

Often, for me, when things are more convenient I’m more inclined to use them. For example, when I’m in a hurry to get out the door, I’ll whip up a smoothie in my single-serve blender and take it to go. (See some of my favorite smoothie recipes here!)

There’s also something to be said about BPAs from plastic containers and other potentially harmful chemicals some cooking tools use. I try my best to stick to glass or products that state they’re healthy and safe. Below is a list of gadgets I wouldn’t want to cook without. They keep me and my family healthy, full and happy!

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