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2 Easy Steps To Beautiful Biceps

A few weeks ago, you met my trainer Erica Hood from Body By Simone when she taught us some killer moves for our glutes. This week, Erica is sharing her recipe for bona fide biceps.

These bands create a resistance that when used correctly can help build strength, improve posture and balance. Erica and I have been using them to tone my arms using the two movements below. If you don’t already have the bands, you can buy them here.

2 Easy Steps To Beautiful Biceps

Position: Start standing with both feet in the center of the band. 


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3 Moves To Work Your Glutes!

When it comes to tightening up the bod, trainer Erica Hood at Body By Simone has all the right moves! Last week, Erica taught me a great exercise to tone the hamstrings and glutes. This one can be done at home or in the gym. All you’ll need is a squishy rubber ball. You can find one here!

I’ll let Erica show you how it’s done. You’ll have to let me know if you give this a try!

3 Moves To Work Your Glutes

Position: Start on all fours and place the ball behind your knee.
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My Athleisure Collection Is Here!

My collaboration with MPG Sport is finally here! You can score your own pieces exclusively at Lord & Taylor and Hudson’s Bay Co as of… right now!


If you’re in NYC tomorrow, come say hi to me at Lord & Taylor’s Fifth Avenue location on the 4th Floor between 6:00pm-8:00pm! Meet and take a photo with me with any MPG Sport purchase! The pre-sale is happening right now and ends tomorrow. I hope to see you all there, but if you can’t join me be sure to follow along with #LTxMPGSPORT. We will be tweeting and posting to Instagram throughout the day! Continue Reading


3 Easy Steps To Becoming A Better Dancer

Ask and you shall receive! Many of you have requested my advice for becoming a better dancer. Below you’ll find my top three tips for reaching the top.

1. Have fun and most importantly, be yourself! Dancing is about expressing who you are and being YOU. When I dance, I feel like I’m more present and in touch with myself than ever. You just need to let go of whatever else is on your mind and enjoy the moment. Continue Reading


Lift This: DIY Wrist and Ankle Weights

Try as we might, we can’t always squeeze a workout into our schedule. I learned a long time ago sometimes you have to get creative and let the workout come to you.

With these DIY wrist and/or ankle weights, you can go about your at-home business while getting toned and tight.

You can put them to use while you squat, lunge and work your arms or, like me, you can wear them while you put groceries away, vacuum, and blow dry your hair! As long as you’re moving, they’re working.

These sock-weights are easy to make in just 4 simple steps. Continue Reading


Spartan Beast

Last weekend I participated in the Spartan Beast, a 13 mile multi-obstacle challenge! This experience was no joke – especially in the crazy California heat wave we’ve been having. My sister Sharee and her husband Randall put our team together. Since their last name is Wise, our team name was the Wise Asses!



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Getting F.I.T.T., Staying Fit

One might assume the MOVE dancers and I wouldn’t bother with additional exercise since we get such a great workout when performing – and that would be oh-so-untrue. Our morning routine includes a deep stretch and intense yoga session to give our bodies a refreshing challenge. Although dancing is an awesome way to stay fit, like any other exercise our bodies get used to the movements. For this reason we decide to shock our muscles with something they’re not entirely used to.

Fitness expert Andrea Orbeck explains, “This happens because of the body’s natural defense to adapt to demands placed on it. If you lack variety and intensity in your workout, you will likely stay where you are in your fitness level. To avoid this plateau, new demands are required for new goals.”

Not only is mixing up your routine more physically effective but it also mentally enhances your experience to try something new and exciting. I like to throw in an occasional class that is outside of my ordinary, like yoga, spinning, Pilates or kickboxing.

Orbeck suggests that in order to constantly evolve our routine and reach new fitness milestones, think of the acronym F.I.T.T. when changing things up.

So what is F.I.T.T.?

F is for Frequency: more days per week

I is for Intensity: faster tempo and more challenging levels 

T is for Type: variety of incline tread work, sprints and jump rope

T is for Time: longer intensity levels…30, 60 and 90 second power bursts

What is your regular exercise routine? How do you continuously challenge your body?


Hey! Look Who’s In Women’s Health!

Hey guys! I am extremely excited to announce the issue I did with Women’s Health is on stands right now! The magazine did a great job in getting my truth across their glossy pages. All the time I get questions from fans about my supposedly-strict diet regimen, what type of cardio I do and for how long. Honestly, that’s just not my jam. I don’t want to be tethered to those types of routines. I want to participate in this wonderful life with fun, happy energy and delicious food. These qualities, I believe, do not come from counting calories or clocking hours sprinting on a hamster wheel.

Although I do share some of my most effective moves, this article isn’t just about attaining a dancer’s body — it’s about having a dancer’s mentality. There’s so much more to the benefits of dance than a taut tush. The elated emotional charge you get from letting yourself go, moving your body freely while expressing how you feel in a positive way… that’s what makes you feel like a dancer! And when you feel good, you look good. They really do go hand in hand. Continue Reading

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That Time I Had To Wear A Bikini On Screen

Every year, as the summer season approaches I get really frustrated when I hear about girls doing unhealthy things in hopes of achieving a bikini-ready body. There are bazillions of silly crash diets, pills and other products promising a quick, easy fix. These things aren’t only bad for your health but the results are short term. In fact, people usually end up putting more on than they started with once they stop.

When I was filming Safe Haven in Southport, North Carolina, you’d better believe I was indulging in all of that great Southern fried food! According to the script, the whole beach scene with my character, Katie, and Josh Duhamel’s character, Alex would be shot with me in shorts and a tank top. Without the pressure of a six-pack in sight, the world was my (fried) oyster! Well, a couple weeks later, the producers were like, “We need a bikini shot!” Of course they did. I tried to avoid it by saying Katie wouldn’t wear a bikini (and crossing my fingers), but clearly that didn’t go over as well as I’d hoped. Continue Reading

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5 On-the-Go Tips To Stay Fit

Hey guys! Here are some great, quick and easy tips from my trainer Astrid McGuire! I’m constantly on the go and never know the next time I’ll be able to hit the gym, so I love any tricks that’ll help keep me active. Thanks, Astrid! xox

1. Always have a pair of workout clothes and running shoes in your car. You never know when your schedule might free up and you could take a class or go for a hike. Fryman Canyon in Studio City, CA, is one of my favorite trails! Continue Reading

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