Hello, Nashville; Hello Family!

When the MOVE Tour cruised through Nashville, we had one very important stop to make: my sister Marabeth’s house! It was there that she hosted one of the most unbelievable brunches any of us had been to. My big sis is the ultimate when it comes to cultivating a delightful, delicious and entertaining party. She takes every detail to the next level, creating a happy, relaxing environment that nobody ever wants to leave.

I asked Marabeth to share her top tips for hosting the perfect party and lucky for us, she graciously accepted. Take it away, Marabeth!

I love creating ideas for a gathering and then seeing everything come together, but most of all I love to see other people enjoy the experience. I’ve learned it’s the little things that make a big difference.

Start with a pre-prepared welcome drink.
Greet your guests with something refreshing and light. We had grapefruit spritzers, garnished with a slice of grapefruit and a sprig of mint. I like to add fun and colorful straws, too.


Breaking the ice.
A good host makes sure everyone feels included. We were blending several families on this day, so we played a fun getting to know you game to break the ice. Everyone picked a color of M&M from a bowl. Each color had a question that came along with it. For instance if someone chose yellow they’d tell their favorite flower or if they chose white, they’d share their best childhood memory. It got us all talking to each other and set us off to a good start.


Have something for everyone.
We know that some people like spicy while others are more into mild. Consider the varying tastes of all your guests and have options. For this brunch, I chose to make two kinds of quiche:

Spinach, sun-dried tomato and feta quiche (sweet and vegetarian!).

Spinach, onion and turkey sausage quiche (savory).


Pick a theme.
Your theme doesn’t have to be anything too specific. Mine was simple: summer! I chose foods that flourish in the current season, such as garden fresh tomatoes and basil straight out of my garden. I kept to my theme with everything: food, drinks, scents, flowers and decorations. We used bright and colorful colors meant to uplift and inspire!

It’s the little things.
Everyone appreciated the ice-cold lemon fresh towels that were available. It was the easiest part of my preparation and it got the most attention! To do this at home:

• Soak the towels in water
• Dip them into essential lemon oil
• Roll them up

Either put them in the crockpot to keep them warm or do as I did and put them in the fridge. I like presentation, so I put sliced lemons over the top for a look that is nice and inviting.


Leave salt scrub hand treatments in the bathroom with an inviting note. It’s a sweet little surprise gift to give your guests.

Taking ice cubes from boring to beautiful is so easy. Fill your trays with pieces of fruit and mint then freeze overnight. It adds a small pop of color to a beverage but makes a big splash overall.


Don’t forget the good tunes! Music is my favorite part of any party. Choosing the right sounds sets the tone of how your party is going to play out!

At the end of the day, it’s the memories you make with friends and family that are most important, so don’t forget to take a moment during your hosting duties to stop and smell the roses.


Which reminds me: the flowers! Those are always essential.

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  1. The ice cold towels make me feel refreshed just by looking at them. Those ice cubes are so fun and creative, but I’m a sucker for salt scrubs! The little things definitely make a huge difference. This post makes me happy!

  2. Your family has been blessed with talent all over the place ..I love your pictures..Your sis does magic . Thanks for sharing, Jules

  3. Great ideas..will definitely be trying some of them out myself..I have a question tho..the first pick of the starter drink…you say grapefruit but it looks like watermelon..am I wrong?

  4. Julianne, my mom and i love you! literally we have watched you on DWTS forever! my favorite dance of yours was when you had Apolo as your partner and ya’ll danced to the madagascar song “You got to Move it move it.” :))) i was 3 at the time and i still remember you wearing chetah. 🙂 We saw you and Derek in Nashville and ya”ll did amazing! i love you julianne but im sure you hear that a lot. 🙂 give your puppy dogs a hug for me :))

  5. Thanks so much for all the tips. I love the towels and especially the ice cubes. Such a beautiful easy thing. I will try these when I am back home!

  6. Thank you for sharing your sisters tips with us. The towels, drinks and the ice cubes are so refreshing looking. You have an amazing family your all talented in your own way! Love you and Derek on DWTS, I do miss you dancing though!! If I must I’ll take you as a judge. Enjoy your summer!

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