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Often at random I feel the urge to refresh and redecorate my living space. It’s never that I don’t like the way a room looks or feels but I rather I’d like to mix things up, switch things around. Initially my thoughts are, “Maybe I just need a new couch? Or a different coffee table?” Before I know it, I’ve completely remodeled the room in my head. Luckily I’ve learned that instead of going shopping, my thirst to re-do is usually quenched by making a few small subtle changes with existing items.

Below are a few of my go-to solutions for a room refresh:

Move stuff around.
It sounds so simple but I think sometimes we forget the furniture isn’t secured to the floor. Swap chairs. Move a bookshelf to an adjacent wall. Switch the art around. One move can make all the difference!

Gather and revise.
Are there stacks of books spread around your pad? Collect them all into one space and redistribute them with design in mind. Meaning, all black and white book covers together or all the travel books in one place. Books can create beautiful little scenes and centerpieces.

Pillows on rotation.
The easiest and most effective way to jazz up a room is to mix and match your squishy squares. If you have several different patterns or colors, split them up or switch them out. I keep several patterns in a closet and rotate them often. Every time I do it gives the room a fresh feel.

Cover it up.
If you have a fluffy or pretty patterned blanket or throw that stays tucked away, take it out and use it for décor. I love the look of a fluffy white throw over the back of a couch or a textured blanket draped over an oversized chair.

New faces.
I recently started revolving the photos in my frames. For example, in one frame next to my desk, I have four prints of my nieces behind the glass. Once in a while, I’ll move the front one to the back and I’m re-reminded of another great memory.

All the little things.
Do you collect (cough, hoard) magazines you aren’t reading, candles that are almost burnt to the base, pretty dishes that are filled with ugly items like screws or pens, and so on (I am guilty of all of these things too, by the way!)? Get rid of them! Recycle the magazines and toss any other item that truly is just clutter. Sometimes the best way to refresh a space is to minimize it. It will feel clean and new in no time!

Show me some pics of your totally refreshed space in the comments!

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  1. I have started in my office… why… because its the room I dread the most! I almost feel like a hoarder with all this paperwork and stuff that is long past is retention date. Hi Ho its off to the shredder I go! This may take awhile *sigh*

  2. Well, my place looked like this few weeks ago… it wasn’t my decision – just reconstruction works & now it´s so much better than before… I love it… feels like home again. 🙂 So it’s ‘refresh’ in an extreme way. 😉

  3. Well, it’s nothing special… I just had an idea what do to with the books from the library… so that I don´t mix them up with my own & forget to bring them back. (This can get quite expensive. 😉 ) I´m a student & there´s never much money, so I just used what I have at home… and this is the result. 🙂

  4. Hi Julianne! My daughter, who is a military wife and mother of two, is always changing things around in her home. She has been living on the island of Guam in the Marianas for three years now and definitely has island fever. They have one more year to go…… luckily, she is very crafty and is always making something new (with limited funds) using what she has or refreshing something with a new coat of paint. I bet she has the only home in Guam who decorates for fall!! She is definitely missing the seasons!! Have been to both of your MOVE live tours, this year at Wolf Trap, it was great!! You and Derek are an awesome team! Congrats on your engagement to Brooks!!

  5. I try to refresh my space by changing posters around my room, rearrange my vanity products, changing pillows on my bed. I love changing my room style. It makes me feel happy and I love just changing room styles every season, every year! I just love it!!

  6. Growing up I constantly move my parents furniture around…thankfully they never seemed to mind. Didn’t go into decorating though.

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