Home Away From Home: My Trailer Tour

My dressing room for Dancing With The Stars came with necessities such as a chair, vanity and small couch but it lacked one thing: personality! Much like a dorm room or office, I spend a lot of time in there, so of course I want it to feel as comfortable, cute and as home-away-from-home as possible.


I had limited time to get this space looking gorgeous so I hit up my local HomeGoods. I knew theyโ€™d have everything I need all in one place, so I could squeeze a trip into my schedule. Plus, they have an endless selection of styles from various designers and brands so the end result would really reflect what my home is like, and would be more eclectic than had I purchased everything from one collection.

A photo of my girls and a candle added some much needed warmth. The flowers may be faux but they still bring an element of nature. And who could resist that cute glass piggy?! Not me!

As you can see from my before and after pics, a little sprucing up went a long way! My advice for one-stop shopping in a store like HomeGoods is to start with something you love and go from there. For me, that would be pillows! I fell in love with these gold shaggy ones first. Then I searched through the gold and cream sections and found a few more that had matching hues and similar textures. The style of the pillows set the “story” for the rest of my room. They were glamorous but still fun, so thatโ€™s the theme I continued looking for on my hunt for decorative treasures!

Before the room fell a little flat being that it was all grey. By adding just a few colorful accessories and candy, it brightened the mood up big time.

Do you have any tricks to make your space more “you”?

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  1. Everything looks great! The only thing I would change would be the greenery on the gold vase ( the vase is great! ). You need to put something that looks a bit less traditional to continue with the fun glamorous eclectic look you seem to have.

  2. Jules thank you so much for posting this – I have been looking for pillows for my bed. I inherited a picture from my mom and wanted pillows that would enhance it but not detract from it. It is done on gold leafing and it’s beautiful – not really my style but I love it anyway – attaching pic

  3. I have a silly question – how do you keep things from sliding off surfaces while it’s moving? I’ve always wondered this, haha. Is everything velcro’d? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    HomeGoods is the best for seasonal decorations! When I need one or two things just for a holiday, I always go there or TJ Maxx.

  4. This trailer looks so cute that I feel bad for saying anything at all.. I guess that a curtain with a nicer material… perhaps a more natural one instead of a blackout, would look even better (if that is even possible…) ๐Ÿ˜›

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