How To Achieve Your Best Brows

I get a ton of emails and messages on social media asking about my technique when it comes to filling in my eyebrows. Working with crazy talented make-up artists has many perks, like having a front row seat to a makeup master class! Having a strong brow certainly changes your look — your eyes pop more, your features appear more defined, and you look more polished overall.

Most days I’ll put on an SPF moisturizer, fill in my brows, add a dab of lip gloss, and head out the door feeling polished. It really does make that much of a difference!

Here are my tips to achieving your best brow:

1. Choosing Your Tools:

• I always brush my brows up with a spoolie brush before getting to work. It helps me see what areas need to be filled in and highlights the natural brow shape. I also smooth over everything with the spoolie afterward to blend everything in once I’m done.

• I love to try all different kinds of tools, but I’m a fan of the good ol’ pencil. They’re easier to manipulate than a powder and less challenging (for me at least!) than wax.

• Brow gel comes in handy if I am going to a special event or want my make-up to last through a long day or night. It sets everything nicely and holds the hairs in place.

2. Color Matching:

Matching your brow is the ideal choice. If you’re looking to stay close to what you have, go one shade lighter than your current brow. If you’re in search of something slightly bolder, choose a shade a hint darker.

3. Mastering the Technique:
Light, feathery strokes are the way to go. The idea is that each mark you make mimics a brow hair. This allows the makeup to blend in and look as natural as possible.

4. Define the Shape:
Fill in the lighter or bare patches within your brow but also, fill in any gaps in the arc. You might also want to extend the edges – but only slightly. Remember to start with light strokes for a natural look and build on that for added definition or boldness.

And last but not least, here are some common mistakes you should avoid:

• Don’t: Draw long, sharp lines.
• Don’t: Create sharp angles.
• Don’t: Overly fill in your brows. (You’ll know if you’ve gone too far!)

Main image credit: Samantha Marquart

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