How To Care For Cut Tulips

Nothing says spring like having fresh flowers in the house, and right now I’m loving tulips! They come in the most gorgeous colors, and have such a sophisticated, architectural shape they can instantly make any room seem like it’s professionally decorated.

If I’m going to have a beautiful bouquet on display, I want to keep it fresh as long as possible. I did some research on the best way to take care of cut flowers, and discovered it’s a lot less difficult than I thought!

How To Keep Cut Flowers Looking Beautiful

1. Cut the Stems
When you cut the stem of the flower, it loses access to water immediately — so try cutting under water! After dunking the stems, cut at a sharp angle about 1-2 inches from the bottom of the stem.

2. Place in Vase
There are a lot of interesting theories out there about adding extra “ingredients” in the vases’s water (some people use vodka or pennies) to make the blooms last longer, but experts say the very best thing you can do is place them in cold, fresh water. Easy!

3 Rinse and Repeat
Change out the water in the vase completely every couple of days.

When it’s finally time to move on, you can always think about drying out the flowers and making them truly last forever!

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