How To Get Wide Awake Eyes With Spencer Barnes

Hello! I’m Spencer Barnes and I have been doing Jules’ makeup for over eight years now. We first met on a shoot for a Juicy Fruit commercial. I was pretty much smitten by her infectiously radiant and upbeat personality.


Since then, we have shared many amazing adventures together. I have been able to watch her incredible career continue to evolve and develop up close & personal. Quite simply, Julianne is one of my favorite people on the planet. One of the things I love most about Jules is her sunny disposition and bright-eyed optimism for life, living and friends. She truly is pure sunshine and has a golden heart.  


Speaking of Jules, she tells me that some of you have inquired how to achieve that sunny “wide awake eyes” look. Here are some of my favorite tips and techniques:

1. Primer
Start with a primer or base to even out the skin tone on the lid and under-eye area, especially if red or discolored. This will give you the perfect base to grab ahold of powdered shadows and help them stay in place all day long. I really like the Eye Silks from Beauty by Piret.

2. Whiten
My favorite brand of eye drops is Rohto. Use these to help brighten the whites of your eyes.


3. Define Brows
Focus on shape and appropriate intensity for your hair color. The impact of a well-structured brow cannot be underestimated. Not only do the brows frame your eyes, they are the single most expressive feature of the face. I love the Precision Brow Pencil by Kevyn Aucoin (Ash Blond is fairly universal).

4. Highlight
Using a champagne gold shadow, highlight under brow arch, center of lid and inner corner “V” and blend. This will really pop the eyes out and widen them — especially if they are deeper set.

5. Line and Elongate
Apply a thin liner right into the depth of the lash line with a well-sharpened black or dark brown kohl pencil and give a slight feline flick at the ends to create an elongated, lifted, doe-eyed effect.


6. Maximize Openness
Apply a nude water resistant pencil to the lower waterline to brighten and further reduce redness. My favorite is Merle Norman’s Inner Eyeliner in Nude. It is water resistant and long wearing — perfect for the inner rim of the lids.

7. Curl and Coat
Curl lashes to get that elongated extended lash look, making the eyes appear wider and brighter. Apply 2-3 coats of a lash separating, defining and lengthening mascara to create separation and definition, pushing lashes upward and outward from root to tip. A brilliant mascara is Benefit’s They’re Real! in Jet Black. 

9. Conceal and Brighten
Use concealer in the under eye area if you have darker or discolored under eyes to neutralize & brighten.


Feel free to follow me on social media for additional skin and makeup secrets. Let Jules and me know if you have any beauty questions don’t forget to share your wide awake eyes with us!



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main image credit: duane fernandez

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  1. What foundation is Spencer’s everyday favorite, or that he used on you? I would love if you all did an online video!

  2. I love reading makeup tips from pros, but I was so disappointed to see that he recommended Rohto drops. These drops constrict the blood vessels in your eyes and over time can lead to increased redness and problems with the top layer of your eye. You can literally get addicted to drops like Visine, Clear Eyes and Rohto drops, although the drops’ marketing won’t list that on the package. Additionally, lining the waterline with pencil looks awesome, but it can potentially clog the tear glands that open along that waterline. Dealing with Meibomian gland dysfunction is no joke, so lining along the waterline isn’t the best idea for good eye health. I love makeup, but eyes are so precious and worth treating the very best that we can!

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