How To Transition Your Closet From Summer To Fall

Saying adios to summer means it’s time to start tucking away our sunshine-y wardrobe to make way for fall wear. (A moment of silence, please.) Before you do a total seasonal switch out, think about some of the pieces you’ve been wearing and how they can transition to cooler weather and warmer tones.

I’m not quite ready to let go of some of my favorite summer trends. Chokers have been all over the place lately, looking super cute with tank tops and breezy dresses. I’m keeping these little guys around for fall, pairing them with sweaters, collared shirts, denim jackets and more. Mixing and matching seasonal styles is the best way to keep your favorite summer looks around for a little while longer, and I’m definitely going to be taking advantage of this sneaky fashion tactic!

When You Wear:
• Chokers
• Off-the-shoulder tops
• Jumpers
• Floral prints
• Denim mini
• Slipper Mules
• Denim with patches

Just Add:
• Denim jacket
• Boyfriend Jeans
• Booties
• Tall boots
• Chunky sweater
• Light duster coat
• Long sleeved bodysuit

pictured above: classic denim jacket | cropped embellished chiffon top | aquarian ankle boot

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  1. I am so ready for fall weather and fall fashion. It still feels like summer where I live. Hopefully, cooler weather is on the way. I miss my boots! 🙂

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