I’m Thinking Of You!

We all have busy lives to keep up with, places to be and things to do. It’s easy to lose touch with people you wish you could see more often. Every so often a random person will pop into my head for no particular reason and I’ll think fondly of them for a moment and then move on. You know when that happens? You think, “Oh, I like them! I should call them soon.”

Yesterday I received a text from a friend I haven’t spoken to in almost a year, not for any reason other than life got busy and we haven’t crossed paths. “Thinking of you! Hope all is good!” was all she wrote. It made me so happy! I responded, “I think of you all the time! Miss you.” It was a short but sweet connection that reminded me of one of the many wonderful people in my life. I might not see or speak to her often, but she is there.

From now on, when someone crosses my mind — I’ll let them know! Even if it’s just a quick text or email to say, “I thought of you today!”

Are you guys with me? Let’s all send some love today!

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  1. Yeah…I do this woth certain people. And I did it today with a close friend of mine whom I haven’t spoken to in months. I guess my challenge should be to do it outside of my inner circle as well. Everybody loves it when you let them know you are sending positive thoughts their way. What goes around comes around. Great challenge! I send YOU positive thoughts every day, Jules! Lol

  2. Love this challenge, Jules! I just texted all of my friends and told them that I was thinking about them. It’s a really good feeling to send positive vibes to all of my friends that I care about! I hope you are getting positive vibes everyday, girl. I love you so much! Such a great role model for so many girls!

  3. yes! I went to your show last night in Atlanta. You guys are AWESOME! I love the positivity that you guys express! thank you!

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