I’ve Got Your Back (Pack)

We’ve come a long way from the days of the basic canvas backpacks. Fashion designers have finally jumped on board to have our back! Stores that used to only carry handbags, clutches and wallets in the accessories departments are stocking up on backpacks in all shapes, sizes and styles.

There’s really no excuse not to choose a bag that represents your personal style. Some people might think it’s silly to invest in anything special because it’s just a bag to haul your books from class to class. If that were true, then what’s the point in wearing a purse you love? Might as well carry around a paper bag, right? Wrong! A backpack is an accessory you’re going to wear day in and day out. Why not love it?

I love all these options. The quilted leather (faux leather is just as fancy in my opinion) and black floral are very on trend for fall and winter, plus they’ll go with almost any outfit. Click on any of the images below for more information.

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nantucket orange stripe backpack $50 | herschel mid-size backpack $100 | surf bandit woven backpack $60 | sole society drawstring backpack $55 | california poppy backpack $36 | leaf me alone backpack $40 | faux leather quilted backpack $49

What backpack are you wearing back to school?

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  1. The CA poppy one! Usually I don’t prefer jansport backpacks because even tho they’re great quality, I want something more fashionable! But then I saw this one and I fell in love 🙂

  2. I love the brown leather backpack purse. It’s perfect because you can rock it when you’re going shopping or spending a day in the town.
    XO, Kate

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