Our Engagement Story

Although I knew Brooks was the one the day I met him, I had no idea what to expect as far as when and how he’d pop the question. Well… let me tell you guys, it was magical and sweet. We were at home, romantic and relaxed, which is perfectly very “us.” We stood on the deck, watching the sun set over the lake and listening to our favorite songs. Not even for a second did I expect that beautiful, serene scene was about to become one of the most meaningful moments of our lives. In fact, I was so taken aback when Brooks got down on one knee I completely blacked out! It was like a rush of heat and a wave of uncontrollable emotion swept right through my body. I didn’t have any words at first (me! no words!). All I could do was explode into his arms and experience pure joy from head to toe.

Being engaged didn’t truly hit me until I started saying “fiancé” out loud. “My fiancé loves that song. Let me check my fiancé’s schedule. Have you met my fiancé?” It’s crazy! I have to say, being engaged actually does feel different. There is a sense of strength in us, a feeling of being further grounded but most of all, it just makes me really giddy!


The ring itself makes me feel very feminine and takes my breath away every time I look down, which I can’t stop doing, by the way. When it comes to taking it off, forget it. I’ll even wake up in the middle of the night to make sure it’s still there! I never thought I’d be the girl sticking her hand out to her friends and screaming in unison but here I am, shrieking all over Los Angeles.

Getting engaged has been about much more than the engagement itself. The rush of love from friends and family, plus the support from all of you has been overwhelming. The love being poured into this next step of our relationship is incredible, and I’m so very grateful.

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  1. Beautiful ring and beautiful story!!! So happy for the two of you, Julianne & Brooks! Can’t wait to read more about this wonderful journey you have ahead of you <3

  2. So happy for you. I’ve been married 33 years and I’ll have to say, marriage is the hardest thing you’ll ever do, but it’s also the best thing you’ll ever do. Hang in there. Thrive. Fight hard for it. For as long as you both shall live! It’s worth every minute. God bless you and Brooks.

  3. Hey Jules;
    Your engagement ring is “just you”. Its exquisite!! Good job Brooks! I am sooooo very happy for you. Are we invited to the wedding??? Lol! I know it will b an outstanding event. Know your fans r thrilled for you both. Again congrats!!

  4. Jules this blog actually made me tear up. Brought me back to when my husband proposed. Such a special time- enjoy each and every moment! Get ready to be completely distracted with daydreams about your special day!!! Congratulations!

  5. Congrats to you! Couldn’t happen to a better person than you! The “ring” is gorgeous! I wish you and your fiancé a happy life together. <3

  6. I could NOT be more excited for you!!! Y’all make the cutest couple and although I have been picked on several times for being excited for someone I don’t know, I don’t care because I feel like I do! I can’t wait for you to experience marriage. It is so much fun and makes you feel whole 🙂 Good luck!!

  7. So excited for you <3 This is the best news by far. I wish you and Brooks the very best and happiest marriage. You two are honestly ADORABLE.

  8. At least you finally found someone you truly love that loves you the same way now you can live life young and free I love you julianne hough you influenced me to use whats inside me and that would be singing and dancing you are an inspiration and my wish is to see you for my 15th birthday this year may 29th in Brodheadsville Pennsylvania hopefully I can find my way out there to a dancing with the stars episode or to a concert on tour who know but anyways thanks for being a inspiration to me and a model My name is Gloria Fernandez

  9. Absolutely beautiful ring and story! I’m so excited for you both! I wish you both joy and happiness as you take your next steps together, Congratulations!

  10. This makes me so happy. I have been a fan of yours for many years now & so proud of all of your accomplishments. You are truly a genuine, down to earth person & haven’t let your celebrity status change you. I’m thankful that you found someone to share your life with who has the same values that you do. Congratulations!!

  11. I love engagement stories! My husband did a great job too. He proposed to me on a snowy December afternoon at Portland Head Lighthouse in Maine. It was like the world was celebrating with us after the question was asked and the answer was yes. As the sun was setting we enjoyed the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen. In the distance at the top of a hill was a single tree silhouetted against the glowing streaks of orange. Just when I thought it could not get more perfect, a fox bounded up the hill by the tree and then out of sight. Sigh. I love love!!

    I wish you the very best and happiest marriage!!

  12. Truly an amazing story! So happy for your happiness! You definitely shine just as bright and beautiful as that ring. Thanks for being an awesome role model and for just being you! ❤

  13. On my engagement I just stood there while my husband took a picture of an unshowered version of myself and him down on one knee in Jamaica 😉 It wasn’t until 20 minutes later that I realized I said “Are you sure?”, instead of yes 🙂

  14. Congratulations Jules! You deserve the very best and I wish for you and Brooks to have an amazing, happy life together. I cannot wait for more updates and pictures on the next chapter in your life. <3, Lauren

  15. Congratulations! I wish you both the best. When my husband asked me I am pretty sure I said “Thank you!” Beautiful ring!

  16. .. (¯ `•.|/.•´¯)..


    . (_.• ´/|`•._).. .•.



    .•°*”˜˜”*°•.ƸӜƷ.•°*”˜˜”*°•.ƸӜƷ.•°*”˜˜”*°• Congratulations Jules! You are so adorable & girly! Enjoy this time! Prayers and blessings to you and Brooks for a fabulous life together!


    Your ring is absolutely STUNNING!! It totally matches your style and personality.
    I am so incredibly happy for you! You both make such a beautiful couple 🙂
    I can’t wait to see your love grow even stronger. You will make a beautiful bride!!

    P.s. You are such an inspiring woman. I can’t thank you enough for being the person you are! Girls now a days need more women like you to look up to! You are such a great example of a positive role model.

  18. Congrats girl! I’m so happy for you and Brooks!! Wish you all the best in the future! Love the ring.. It’s so beautiful.
    Can’t wait to see the plans for your wedding!!

  19. Congrats to you and Brooks again! So happy for you two. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story. Your ring is gorgeous!

  20. It’s a beautiful thing when you KNOW you have met “THE ONE”!! So VERY HAPPY for you and Brooks!! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, and abundant blessings, as you embark on this journey together. ❤ ? ❤

  21. Looks like that rock would way you down…WOW My ring can hide behind yours! lol Gorgeous! Congrats Jules! So happy for you! ???

  22. Aww, this is amazing and so wonderful to hear. I have so happy to see this on Instagram. I recently got engaged and it’s funny because I could never put into words the feeling I got when it happened ( I felt like I blacked out and don’t remember it all ) because like you, I literally had no words. You honestly said it so well, I had that warm and so excited feeling all at the same time. Thank you for making me feel like I wasn’t the only one.
    So happy for you – you are beautiful people, beautiful hearts and a very beautiful ring <3 xox

  23. Omg I’m so happy for you !! I started crying when I found out you got engaged ! I’ve been l waiting for you to find someone like Brooks to spend the rest for your life with !!! I met you on July 5th it was the day I realized how real you were !! After I saw you preform and then how you took time to come meet me and talk to me is when I realized … ” I need to change ” I want to take my career to the next level ! I want to dance with you so bad !!! I want to dance with you, derek, and the MOVE cast !! I want to dance, sing, and be in a movie with you ! ( preferably Safe Haven 2 , I have some ideas for another one lol ) but I want to dance with you so bad !! It’s been my dream !!! But, thank you …. You mission statement has worked on me 100% … I want to be an infectious light that everyone wants to be around ! Well, I hope you and Brooks live happily ever after ! I love you so much and I’m so happy for you it’s crazy ! Maybe If you get a chance and read this you can contact me ?¿? ? on instagram @_.alexa._14 ? It’s okay if not !! Just hope to work with you soon and have a fantastic time with your family, friends and Brooks !!! ~ love Alexa ! I’m always here for you and remember DONT LET ANYONE BRING YOU DOWN !! YOU HAVE ACCOMPLISHED TOO MUCH TO LET HATERS BOTHER YOU !!! Your HONESTLY THE BEST PERSON I HAVE EVER MET ! Hope to work with you soon and can’t wait to see #MoveLiveOnTour2016 !! ( maybe I can can be a backup dancer ) ! Have a fantastic time and keep us updated !!! ??

  24. similar to my dream ring which blake lively has. Love it! Congrats again Jules 🙂

    and as a fan, viewer, reader, all of the above. I can’t wait to see all your wedding planning. Is this your new kitchen in the background? I know you did a complete remodel on your house I hope you can do some blog posts about that. Dying to see the finished product!

  25. Julianne, this is so amazing and I am so very happy for you. You two seem to be made for one another. You are such a sweet, warm and giving person and deserve to be with the greatest guy. Thanks for sharing your special moment with us. That ring is a stunner. I would be the same way and glance at it constantly. Enjoy this very special time to the fullest. Big hugs Andrea

  26. No one deserves to find true happiness more than you. So glad you found love with Brooks and I wish you a wonderful life. He is one lucky man.

  27. So very happy for you Julianne, I wish you and Brooks a lifetime of happiness ? you derserve every inch of the happiness in the world ☺️
    You are such a inspiration to me and so many others. If only you knew how inspirational you are to me. You’re advise and wisdom has brightened many dark days for me and I’m sure many others too. Although I do not live in the US, I do hope to tell you that. I watched your recent Move Live on Tour online and was more inspired then I was before. So overall I would like to say thank you, thank you ☺️ If you’re ever in Ireland… It’s a seriously gorgeous place (not that I’m biased)
    from an Irish fan ☺️

  28. Congratulations! When I first got engaged, I made up reasons to use the word “fiancé” in conversations. THEN, when we got married, I did the same thing with saying husband. Lol. I’m looking forward to you sharing your wedding planning ideas with us! God Bless! ?

  29. Such a lovely story and thank you so much for sharing, and wow what a ring, love it ! Wishing you both all the happiness for the future.

  30. I am so happy for you Julianne & Congratulations to you and Brooks! I love the intimate proposal at home in a place that you love! You are truly one of the sweetest, pure-hearted people I have ever met and you absolutely deserve a lifetime of happiness!!! I’m so happy I got to spend time with you at DWD and I could tell by the way you talked about Brooks that he was very special! Can’t wait to read about the wedding planning!

  31. Julianne, I have been a HUGE Brooks Laich fan for about 7 years now and I have always hoped that this Prince Charming of a guy would find his princess one day. 🙂 You two are the epitome of love and kindness and I am truly thankful that he found you, and you him. I’ve been following you since you two started dating and all I could think when I heard the news of your engagement was “It’s about damn time, B!” I’m so incredibly happy for the two of you and wish you all the best in your life together! ?

  32. Wow! Your joy just radiates through your story! I don’t know how someone could read this and not feel instantly happy. So much love and happiness. Congrats and best to both of you always!

  33. Aaaw I’m soo very excited & happy for you both, & I cannot wait to share some wedding, bridal shower, & Bachelorette party ideas with you from my sister’s wedding. Love to you both muaw ?

  34. I love my ring and feel the same way…I just wanted to share a little tidbit with everyone of what not to do with your ring and that is to sleep in it! Your sheets act like sand paper and can cause damage to the ring, prongs and diamond it self….My ring looks like new after 12 years and it is thanks to the great jeweler that shared this with me…Congratulations my lady cheers to a life long happiness together!!!

  35. Beautiful engagement story Julianne! I’m 20 and want my engagement in the far far future to be the same..relaxed but soooo romantic. I love your engagement ring!! It’s gorgeous! Love reading your blog and thanks for sharing!!!

  36. FINALLY!! The ring is gorgeous and huge!! Now, that’s a rock! He did really good!! And the proposal story is even more romantic and beautiful! That’s exactly how I pictured me and future boyfriend doing on one of our dates. I’m so happy that you had the most beautiful proposal! I’m so happy for you and Brooks! Can’t wait for the wedding planning to start. Like you said, “You guys always give the best advice.” Can’t wait to help you plan your big day, Jules. #thefuturemrslaich

  37. congrats and i am so happy u found a real man not like your short ex,lol. if i had that ring i would never take it of either . it is just beautiful. what is that a 5 ct diamond or 10 ct. mine is 1 1/2 and mine looks big, yours looks like it is 20 times bigger then mine and i am sure it is. u will make a beautiful bride cant wait to see your photos when u 2 get married.

  38. What a beautiful engagement story, and thank you for sharing it with us! I love how open you are with your fans. I know you will have a beautiful wedding. Of course, we will all be there along the way if you need any help with the wedding planning. 🙂

  39. Aweww!!! This is so happy!!!! The only thing better than the total high and excitement that comes from deciding to spend forever with someone is being married to your best friend. It’s truly the best and I know we are all excited to watch this chapter of your life unfold!!! Congrats and wish you the best kind of success. <3

  40. Hi Julianne!!
    ooowww that seems so romantic!!! ?? And just say that I really love that you share your stories and expiriences with us, it is not something everyone does and I am really greatful for that! ??
    Wishing you two the best ☺️??

    Kisses from Catalonia ???

  41. Thanks for sharing your story. Love how your fiancé’ knew where and when his proposal would mean the most to you! So happy for you!

  42. Julianne, I was the girl that was proposed to on stage during your amazing show, Move Live on Tour at wolf trap in Vienna, VA. I completely understand what you mean by blacking out. I have to watch the video to put the pieces back together, and it takes weeks to get used to the ring and feeling it’s still there. I am so happy for you, Brooks is the guy you deserve. You are going to be a beautifl bride, congratulations!

  43. Julianne, this is the sweetest story and I’m so happy you shared it with your fans! You and Brooks are absolutely perfect for each other. Wishing you both the best in this next step of your lives ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Also, thank you Brooks for making my princess Julianne happy!!!

  44. How fun! It’s the best when the proposal is unexpected! Your ring is STUNNING & no sweat, I have been married 4 years and still check to see if I have it on at night. Congratulations!! XOXO

  45. Just absolutely love you guys!! I have always been a huge fan of you and Derek. I have been to both Live tours and followed you both. I have to commend you on your choice in men. Love Brooks because I’m also a die hard Caps fan and have been since I was 12 and that makes 31 years. I even worked for the Capitals in the Finance/Payroll department for 13 years.
    Anyway, I’m rambling and what I am wanting to say is Congrats! I couldn’t be happier for the both of you!!

    Amy Sears

    1. That is my dream job! I’m a huge Caps fan and I’m currently majoring in accounting and looking for internships for the AHL/NHL to hopefully work with the caps or bears someday!

      1. I literally was in the right place at the right time. I was at the Capital Centre to watch practice and I told my Mom how much I would love to work here so I went to the reception desk and asked if any jobs were available in the administrative offices and they had a receptionist job available. I thought what the heck it’s a starting point. I applied right there and it was a Monday. I was called on Tuesday and interviewed on Wednesday and I was called on Friday to offer me a job but due to my interview they thought I would be best in the Accounting department. I was so excited and immediately said yes and I started that upcoming Monday. I started as a data entry clerk and I was promoted 8 times and my last position was Controller when I left. I had graduated early from high school in February and started there 18 days after my last school day. I was a self learner and they loved that and I have always loved numbers since I was a little girl. I used to ask for adding machines, cash registers and anything related to money and finances. I used to ask my parents s c grandparents for any of there cashed or cancelled checks. I just loved everything about it. Sorry for all the detail but I wanted to show you that you can start as a intern or have it be your first job and succeed and advance from there. Good luck in all your future endeavors and Let’s go CAPS!!

        1. That is an awesome story!!! Thanks for the feedback, that makes me hopeful!!! I was like that too when I was younger! I’ve always loved working with numbers which is why I though Acct. was a fitting major! I’m a junior now and looking for an internship for either summer or fall & I’d love to find something in the organization! Sounds like you’ve got yourself an awesome job. Thanks so much! Let’s go Caps!

  46. Congratulations Julianne to you and your lucky fiance! Beautiful ring! He has wonderful taste! Enjoyed meeting you at Mohegan Sunday this year. Will look forward to the next show. Many blessings to both of you! 🙂

  47. I just saw these bags on Betsey Johnson & I dunno if you’re into Betsey Johnson’s style but I just had to share these with you for inspiration or a giggle (one of them at least)




  48. I was driving home from work when I heard the news over the radio. I was in the car by myself but literally got such a big smile on my face and yelled out (to no one) “Congratulations”. Its funny cuz obviously we never met but I am so so happy for you!!!

  49. Congratulations pretty girl.! I love your ring it’s beautiful. Looking forward to see your dress for the big day. 🙂 I’m so happy for you both

  50. Julianne- you are truely a inspiration to many people including myself. Though I don’t know you your character, demeanor and love for life is amazing. You encourage me everyday to keep dancing and being myself. You honestly have accomplished so much and you truely deserve to be happy. That is such a blessing you have found your true love. You both are so cute and perfect! Wasn’t able to go see your tour this year super bummed- hope you guys do it again would love to see it!! Such a fan of you and your brother!

    Katie McCarron

  51. congratulations Julianne. All the best to your and your finance’ 🙂 This is a great time in your lives for both of you. God Bless and all the best! He did a great job with the ring…it truly does reflect your essence from a fan perspective, and I am sure so much more for those who are close to you!

  52. Congratulations Jule!!!! The ring is gorgeous, but your words describing that moment are far more beautiful (…actually…let me see that ring again… just kidding). Much love and strength to you and your fiancé! I wish you guys a lifetime of happiness!!

  53. You see Jules… this is what is so important and exciting about getting married and being in love. I know that some people say it is ‘only a ring’ and ‘only a piece of paper’ but the truth is that it says “I truly am in love with you” and “I sincerely want to spend my life with you” and “you are important” and “you are so worth my time”… well, you get now right? Being with the right person and sharing that connection is possibly one of the most euphoric feelings in the whole world. I hope you hang onto that ‘high’ with each other for the rest of your lives. Much love my little dancing queen. From one of your fans and a wise old ‘nana’.

  54. Hey Jules!! Congrats!! I am so happy for you, and seeing how much you care about your fiancé is amazing. I am also very happy that your sharing your story and life’s greatest moments with all of us! It truly means alot to me , so I appreciate it!! I love you and can’t wait for more fantastic news!!

  55. All the best wishes in the world go out to you and Brooks!! You are now an honourary Canadian!! Can’t express how impressed I have been by both you and Derek. It’s rare to see such class and strength of character in two people so young!! My parents were ballroom dance teachers, and it was one of the greatest days of my life when I found Dancing With The Stars on my tv. It brought both my Mum and me back to the old days of her teaching and competing in contests, with me watching from the side, listening to the rustle of tulle and satin ball gowns as the dancers whirled by. My sister and I have enjoyed both tours of ” Move Live ” immensely, and look forward with excitement to the new season of DWTS. Congratulations and lots of love, from the other side of the border, Brooks’ home, Canada!!

  56. Congratulations! Beautiful story❤️ And holy cannoli your ring is beyond gorgeous! How will you be able to get anything done!? I’d just stare at it all day. Driving, grocery shopping, walking down the street… It’s really beautiful & classic.

  57. Hi, I’ve been having like roughest day ever … Can I talk to you for 5 min ? ( I promise I’m not lying , I would never to something like that …. Especially to you !! ) I just know you can help and it’s something that I know only you have mastered in your lifetime so can you please help ? Please I need this so bad !!!!!

  58. This makes me just about cry because my husband proposed as we were having cocktails, listening to our favorite music and looking at the ocean on the porch of the family beach house. I was in a Red Sox t shirt and jean skirt. Comfy and right where I wanted to be and I have to say. It was the best night of my life. The whole engagement period was just one of the most special times in my life. And I think his too 🙂

  59. This December will be our 25th anniversary. I can tell you that your marriage is what you put into it. Have a forgiving heart. Times when you’re upset with him remember the reasons you fell in love. A faithful heart .A wandering heart is more about yourself than him. Talk it out .Remember your blessings! Welcome God into your marriage. So many have a beautiful church wedding,but forget to invite God. I wish you years of health and happiness together.

  60. I just read this post, Julianne, and I am so very happy for you and your fiancé! Beautiful engagement story! Can’t wait to read your blog post of your wedding day! 😉 The very best wishes for you! God Bless. xoxo

  61. I’ve loved Brooks and been his biggest fan since I can remember! Over 13 years! He is an absolutely incredible human being and the times I’ve gotten to meet and speak to him have been the very best of my life. I’m so happy to see him with a wonderful woman. It looks as though you two will have an amazing future together. I wish all the happiness for both of you

  62. That’s the kind of feeling everyone hopes to get and the kind of love everyone wants. and it makes me so glad that you found it. All my love for the couple 🙂

  63. I just read your story of an engagement. It was amazing experience of reading it plus you have got such a beautiful wedding ring that everyone wants to get it in their life. Congratulations for your engagement and wish you all the best.

  64. I love your engagement ring. Although i would prefer a solitaire ring for an engagement but nevertheless yours is looking great

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