Our Safari Story

Brooks and I can’t stop talking about the best trip of our lives: Africa! While visiting Kruger National Park, we stayed at what is now my most favorite hotel ever. Lebombo Lodge is absolutely incredible. It feels like you’re staying in a tree house made of glass, where below you can see everything from hippos, impala and crocs roaming around.



I couldn’t wait to wake up at 5am (seriously!) because that’s when we got picked up by Andrew, our tracker, and our driver, Chris. In an open car, they took us out into the wild where Andrew would spot cheetah, leopards, elephants, lions, buffalo and more. We even found rhino which was the hardest to find because there aren’t many left — they’re sadly becoming extinct.


Being close to these wild animals was a little scary at first because I didn’t understand what would stop them from jumping into our car to attack us. Andrew explained the animals are so used to the trucks they look at them almost like another animal. We were warned not to get up or move while in the truck because once they see you have legs, they might look at us like lunch.



I was very inspired by Andrew. Born in Kruger National Park, he’s been tracking animals his whole life. He told us he’d never quit, he’ll be a tracker until the day he dies because he truly loves what he does. Andrew doesn’t receive accolades of any kind, he has a true honor for what he does and pride for where he’s from. He impressed us so many times but one time in particular, we were out on a night drive and it was pitch dark. He somehow spotted in the darkness, up in a tree a burrowed hole where a wild cat was hiding. Brooks and I were blown away by Andrew as a person and his ability to track the magnificent animals.




I’m so glad Brooks and I got to share this adventure together. It’s something we’ll talk about for the rest of our lives!

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  1. Seems like an amazing trip. The outdoors changes us. Of course, anywhere you go is a place haunted by great natural beauty…

  2. so amazing guys! so glad you guys enjoyed your trip!! <3 wish you guys can come to sounthamerica, and chile, we have some amazing places to visit that i'm sure that you, brooks and derek will enjoy very much 🙂 and i'm offerign as tour guide which i actualy am lol 😛 love you juju!

    1. Agreed!! Please come to South America! ???? I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina! You will love it here! Also, as she said, Chile is beautiful! ?

  3. Wow! Sounds incredible! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us! I would have been nervous, too, but that’s awesome that the guide put you at ease. 🙂

  4. That’s great Jules! I now know where my next destination is!! But I must save money first! ? Thanks for sharing with us! Loved to read everything specially about Andrew! ❤️

  5. Glad u guys had an awesome time in our beautiful country…the one thing that I most love about SA is the wildlife…The Kruger National Park is an amazing place…

  6. Wow what an amazing trip! I’m glad you got to experience seeing all those animals in the wild! I’m so sad to here the black rhino is extinct 🙁

  7. I love going to the Kruger Park….I live close to it half hour away to the closest gate….. I’m going in on Monday my absolute favourite place to go.

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