The Jules x MPG Sport Fall 2017 Collection Is Here

I loved my last MPG collection so much I thought there was no way we could ever top it. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but — we actually did it!

The new collection launches today (!!!) and the excitement of getting to share it with you all has been giving me serious butterflies. The fall collection is chic and comfortable, but with a little more edge than my previous collections. I think there’s something for everyone!

It’s everything I was aiming for — perfectly chic without sacrificing comfort. These clothes may be fashion forward, but you can move and sweat in them without feeling restricted.

Our photographer Brian Bowen Smith found the coolest location to shoot our campaign and made it so much fun. Not only do I adore his work, but his incredible energy is contagious!

Many thanks to Brian, MPG, and my Glam Fam Spencer Barnes and Jill Buck for helping make this launch super special!

Head over to my shop page to see all the new looks. I’d love to hear what you think — leave a comment for me!

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  1. Hi Jules! My favorite piece of this season has definitely got to be the burgundy crop top! Really love the bright fall color and would love to see more in the future. Also really interested in the mesh and color block leggings and would like more vibrant color variety in the color block ones!

  2. What piece is the leggings that you’re wearing in the 2nd to last picture? Want to get it but can’t find on th shop page?

  3. What hoodie/cardigan are you wearing in the first picture? Scrolled through the website and can’t seem to pinpoint which item this is. Plz help!

  4. I love your new collection, Jules! I have some of your pieces from last years collection and I just love them! Can’t wait to order from your new line! 🙂

  5. Everything looks so cute! Where do I purchase? And in the first pic, the hoodie, what’s that one called? Thanks! Love your style!

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