Celebrating BFF Day With My Best Girls

For National BFF Day, I want to take a moment to honor two of the VERY BEST FRIENDS I’ve ever had: my fur babies Lexi and Harley.

As almost any dog owner knows, they don’t call them “(wo)man’s best friend” for nothing. These pups have been with me through everything. They listen to my rants, know when I need to cuddle, and laugh at all my jokes (I mean, I can tell they’re laughing on the inside). Between the three of us, we make the perfect squad.

My girls have very strong, distinct personalities. Lexi’s the active, social one while Harley likes to chill. We always say Lexi is human because she can sense emotions — if you’re upset, she will snuggle and comfort you.

I call Harley the Diva because she is always demanding treats and attention.

They’re both always up for their version of a good time whether it’s as a trio or just with each other. Their friendship warms my heart on a daily basis. If you have a furry best friend in your life, make sure you give them an extra treat or two. It’s a holiday!


Julianne Hough
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Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough is just trying to be a nice person who dances as often as possible, usually in public. She recently wifed up to NHL star Brooks Laich and is the proud dog-mom of two pups, Lexi & Harley (they’re the real brains behind everything).
Julianne Hough
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  • Lolavie

    Love you Jules. Just wanted to say hi. I think very few people rendered tribute to their little furries. Yours are absolutely adorable. Always wanted Cavalier. Cute. ❤ Keep it going good on the tour.