Crafting With Nina!

Is it too soon to #tbt to Easter? Last week, I took a trip to one of my best friend Nina Dobrev’s hometown in Toronto. Once we were there we got our Easter egg on! Nina’s Mom taught us a new technique for decorating eggs. They turned out so great I wanted to share her way with you all. File it away for next year or get crafty just because! Is there ever not a time for pastel colored eggs? Nah.



You’ll Need:
• Eggs
• Vinegar
• Cotton pads
• Wax candles
• Food coloring
• Gloves



Once your egg is hard boiled and cooled down, draw on it using a wax candle. Keep in mind wherever you draw, the wax will prevent color from sticking to the egg.

If you’re stuck on what to create, you can always write a name or message, draw flowers, swirls, or faces!



To dip dye: Mix ½ cup of boiling water, 1 teaspoon of vinegar and 10-20 drops of food color to achieve your desired hue. Repeat for each color. Dip the eggs in the dye for about five minutes. Allow to air dry.

For a tie-dye look: Add droplets of food coloring directly to a cotton pad. Press and pat the pad with the colored cotton to the egg. Allow to air dry.


Don’t forget to show me pics of your pretty eggs in the comments!

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  1. They look amazing! Thanks for sharing!!! I noticed the on that says J ❤️ B and of course I assumed it was you who made it! SOOOOOOOO CUTE???

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