Jumpsuit Mania

The chicest choice for a summer ensemble is most definitely the jumpsuit. A jumpsuit is the older, cool cousin to another favorite of mine, the romper (which is more casual). Jumpsuits are good for both work and play because they can easily stay with you from day to night. Not to mention getting ready with a one-
piece is a breeze given all you have left to do is accessorize.

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Whether it’s loose fitting and boho inspired or structured and sharp, almost all jumpsuits look great with a blazer. A solid blazer will tone down or ground a busy top to bottom print. If you’re not feeling quite as bold, jumpsuits in solids are definitely the most universally flattering. Look for a fit that defines the small of your waist to avoid looking like a skydiver; another type of jumpsuit we’re not aspiring to emulate, unless we’re — you know — skydiving.

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