Meet The Move Crew: Kyle Hanagami, Associate Choreographer

How did you get into the business of dance?

I started dancing when I was 18, which is late compared to most professional dancers. I was in college at UC Berkley when I met a group of street dancers. I thought, “I want to do that.” So I did and I loved it. I started uploading my dance videos to YouTube. My channel caught the eye of an agency in LA. They approached me about representation so I went for it. It was a slow build but it was great.

And now you are now working with NappyTabs! How did that happen?

I took their class about four years ago. That led to me assisting and now, doing choreography for them.

What is your favorite moment so far of the MOVE Tour?

It’s cool getting to watch from the lighting pit. I love turning to the audience to see how they engaged and excited they are. Their faces light up. It’s really cool!

What city on the tour makes you most excited?

Las Vegas!

You definitely have your dream job! What advice would you offer other dream seekers?

Work hard and stay humble. The rest will follow.

Instagram @kylehanagami

Photo credit: Sean Flynn

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  1. I’m so excited to see you in Camden, NJ. I’m bringing my daughter for her birthday, we’re in the pit and meeting you guys again. My wife made me promise to at least shake your brother’s hand this time. Last year we met you at the Tower Theater, you put your arms around me and I… well… apparently forgot your brother was even in the building. Never shook his hand or anything she said. Oops. 🙁

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