The “It” Shoe For Spring

The shoe du jour is definitely the lace-up flat. These cute shoes have popped up everywhere and nearly every store carries their own versions. I am a major fan for many reasons — for one, this style can instantly elevate any outfit. For instance, if you’re wearing a basic tee and cropped jeans or shorts by adding a splash of fun with these shoes in one snap you’ve gone from blah to boom. Plus, they go with pretty much anything! I’d love to see them with a sun or peasant dress, any style of shorts, leggings, jeans… Actually, I can’t think of anything they wouldn’t go with.

Another bonus? There are tons of options. If you are in need of something fancier, there are leather, suede and snakeskin pairs at every price point. I’m especially partial to the bold colors.

Lastly, you can feel good investing in these shoes because they won’t be out of style any time soon. I’ll wear mine through spring and summer as well.

I found my very favorite pairs, and they’re all under $100. Which is your favorite? What would you wear them with??

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  1. I love that you chose this style! This happens to be the style I love, but sometimes I feel like everyone else is wearing heels, but I just want something I feel comfortable in. This is the look I gravitate towards and this post made me so happy!! Thank you!
    P.S. – If you’re on the cheaper side like me Payless and Target have some great options!

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