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One of the greatest feelings in the world is receiving a message that makes you feel wonderful when you least expect it. Sure, we can send a spontaneous text but, really — a handwritten note is less expected and so much more meaningful.

A sweet note isn’t only for sweethearts. They can be for roommates, kids, grandparents, friends, and co-workers. Slide a little piece of paper into their lunchbox, book, or suitcase.

The idea is to brighten their day and make them feel great, so this week’s challenge is to jot down a few words to say they’re appreciated, loved, admired.

I know where I’m hiding my notes this weekend! What about you??

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  1. Love it, i’ve been wanting to RE-thank a friend for a “joint bday gift” that she shopped for. Its a Balenciaga bracelet that she chose and I wear it almost every day….instead of a text, I’m sending her a handwriting reminder of how much I love the bracelet! I sent thank you notes when I received the gift but I think this deserves a follow up! Thanks for the suggestion and love your blog!

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