Let’s Support These Amazing Brands That Give Back

Usually when we make a purchase the deal ends at the point of sale. You’ve made your selection, exchanged payment, then, life goes on. Unless of course the item you’ve purchased takes a portion of their proceeds to support a worthy cause. Then, your purchase continues it’s journey toward making a positive impact.

When I’m carrying a bag, wearing a bracelet, or using a product that is intended to make the world a better place in some way, I wear it proudly. It goes beyond having something great, it’s doing something good. In the spirit of brands who give back, I’ve rounded up some products I support especially because they support a worthy cause.

1. Sky and Arrows
These gorgeous blankets are more than an awesome addition to your home. For every blanket they sell they give one to someone in need.


This fashion company has a mission of creating sustainable business opportunities for women. The company works both locally and globally with women coming from many diverse backgrounds. I love this Abera Crossbody Tote which comes in tons of colors — and can even be personalized!


FEED Projects creates a whole line of wonderful products that feed those in need, all around the world. Their website will even tell you how many meals your purchase is providing. I especially love this cute t-shirt. When you purchase it you help provide 10 school meals for children around the world!


These headphones and sound systems are not only for beautiful music, they have a beautiful charitable component to them. For every product sold, they help provide hearing aids to those in need. In just three years they’ve helped over 20,000 people! It doesn’t hurt that these headphones are absolutely gorgeous.


5. Thrive Market
Thrive Market isn’t your average one-stop online shop. Their mission is to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone. For every membership purchased, one is donated to a low-income family, teacher, veteran, or student. This has to be the definition of guilt-free shopping.

6. Warby Parker
The glasses company we all know and love was started by students who realized how (unnecessarily) expensive glasses were. They realized this necessary item was priced as a luxury item — and it wasn’t fair. Besides offering designer eyewear at outstanding prices, Warby Parker went the extra mile with their “buy a pair, give a pair” model. How cool is that?!


7. Colorescience Sunforgettable Brush On Sunscreen SPF 50
This innovative sunscreen offers powerful SPF 50 UVA/UVB protection plus finishing powder in one simple, on-the-go application — and part of their proceeds go to their Sunstoppable program. Through the sales of the Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brushes, Colorescience’s Sunstoppable will put significant efforts towards educating current and future generations on the importance of protecting their skin from the sun and harmful UV rays.


8. RevitaLash Advanced
This magical formula protects your lashes against breakage and brittleness, leading to healthier-looking, more luxurious lashes. Even better than gorgeous lashes — proceeds from the RevitaLash Cosmetics company are donated to breast cancer education and research. It’s a win/win!


I can’t wait to support these brands. Do you know of any other amazing companies who are committed to making the world a better place? Please share in the comments!

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  1. I love “giving back” too and supporting other companies. I do one for pets. For every item you buy, you are also supplying cat and dog food for the pets. A great cause.

  2. Yes. I order yummy healthy snacks from Graze.com. They support a farming school in Uganda. Here we teach the community how to grow, maintain and then harvest fruit from their own orchards but the most amazing thing about the school is that it provides our graduates with a sustainable source of income.
    Each student is given the means to grow food for themselves, their families and to sell at local markets.

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