Mad For Bags: 3 Fun Fall Trends

Handbags are getting some serious attention this season as far as accessories go. Most designers went for a very specific and textured look this season. Velvet has taken over accessories in general. Bags, shoes, boots, and other staples are all featuring the soft stuff. Come to think of it, most of the fall trends for purses are all about fluffy or cozy materials.

Here are three bag trends I’m loving right now:

1. Faux Fur
At first, I wasn’t so sure about this style but after some online research, I found appreciation for the “furse.” Is it right for say, brunch? Maybe not. But it could be really cute with a sweater and booties. Or even with the right dress. The only thing I’d avoid with this bag is wearing any other furry clothing or accessory because that would just be too much.

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2. Heirloom
Maybe it was passed down to you from your grandmother, or maybe it was on sale last week. Either way, these precious vintage (or inspired) pieces are versatile and chic. I give them a definite thumbs up.

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3. Crossbody
Thank goodness these bags are here to stay! Hands-free is the way to be, in my opinion. This staple bag is especially great for when you’re layering clothes because it cinches down loose fitting layers. I love how these bags have crossed over to cocktail attire so they’re not only meant for being on-the-go.

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Comments 3

  1. I’ve noticed pompom keychains are showing up with bags these days, but I haven’t come across a “furse” yet. That’s too funny, though! Love it!

    Katie //

  2. I love crossbody bags for the same reason you do! Also, I really love quirky and cute bags. Last year, I treated myself to a Betsy Johnson one that is shaped like a kitty and super sparkly. I don’t wear it everywhere, but it’s fun for a concert or any kind of night out on the town. 🙂

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