Making Resolutions… And Keeping Them

At the end of every year, I take a look back and think about what I could have done better. At the end of 2014, I realized that not all of my ideas came to fruition. In fact, many of them didn’t even come close. I knew there were some changes I’d have to make in order to make this year a more productive one. Now that we are a few months into the year, I’m keeping myself accountable by checking in on my resolutions.

We can all be guilty of spreading ourselves too thin at times. That’s the way life goes! I never want to look back and say, “what if” or “I wish I had…” so I decided this year is going to be different. In order to accomplish more, I decided to focus on less. In other words, I’m trimming the fat. No, not that fat. The kind of excess that makes me feel much busier than I really am and therefore gets in the way of me making things happen.

For one, I vowed to go out to eat less and keep my kitchen stocked so there’s always an option to stay in and cook. So far, I’m staying true to my self-promise, but if I’m being honest I could be following up on this one with a little more effort. Second, I’ve only been attending parties and other social events where I’ll be missed. If it’s not something that sounds like it might be fun or it’s simply a time-filler, I’ll skip it. This has really forced me to spend more quality time with myself and follow through on my big ideas and dreams. Speaking of those ideas, as per my resolution I’ve narrowed them down to a realistically manageable number. How can you give a project 100% when it’s merely one of ten?

What are your goals this year? How are you keeping yourself accountable? I want to know!


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  1. Awww yay I love this. I’m actually a huge fan of Brooks and he’s notoriously quiet when it comes to news and social media, but I’m so glad you guys are together! I wish you both the best and a wonderful 2015!

  2. 1. I am SO excited that you are doing this. You are already a huge inspiration of mine and this is such an awesome way to get to know you more & learn from you!
    2. I’ve had a couple of dreams in my heart for a long while now & my goal for this year is to take my time and work on each of those things! It’s been hard, because I’m the kind of person that would like to snap my fingers and have everything finished in an instant, BUT I’m learning to enjoy the whole process! I’ve learned that instant gratification is not near as satisfying as “the process” is. 😀 LOVE YOU! xX

  3. I am 14 years old, and I have just started reading your blog. First of all, I love it! I think you are doing a great job on it, and I think your blog is so inspirational. This year I did the same thing, thinking about how I could do things different.
    I am a ballet dancer, and I have been dancing ballet since ’04. But I want to make this year a year where I try different styles of dance like lyrical, contemporary, or jazz. Even though I love ballet, I want to try a new style of dance. I also signed up for three 5k-8k runs this year. I am spending a lot more time outside either running, walking, or riding my bike.
    I have a couple other goals I want to accomplish. So that means I have to work hard at them, but also have fun along the way. Because what’s the point in working hard all the time, but never having fun doing what you love. 🙂

    Love you! xoxo

  4. This is pure honesty from someone who only does it because of a need to stay true to what drives her! Not seeking to gain or even steal from another, only in the fact that little pieces of others join to make us who we are! I give a two thumbs-up, would give more but I only was given two.

  5. Your blog has really inspired me! I am the owner of and I have been really working on taking my business to the next level. One of my goals has been to blog more. I am really proud that I have been keeping that up. My next goal is like yours I want to cook and eat more at home. I am soo sick of going out to eat. Thank you again! – Jess

  6. Congratulations on your new endeavors and thanks for sharing so much of your life with us. P.S. Love that picture of you and Brooksie! Best of luck to you two…he’s a keeper!

  7. Love your blog and love following you…your brighten up this wacky worlds we live in…keep doing what you are doing…you are making a difference in people’s lives.

  8. Jules, put up your favorite sandwich recipe. Btw thank goodness you don’t date that idol dude anymore. He is so not in your league.

  9. Jules,
    I love this blog so so much! Please keep it running! Ever since I saw the Rock of Ages I have loved you! You are so inspirational to myself and many others. (you are my role model)
    My goals this year were to be healthier and try to start pursuing my dreams. I’m only 13 but I really want my dream to come true. – I have been really busy because I am a level 7 gymnast so I want to finish up with that and then start with my real dream hopefully by summer time. For being healthier I have been trying to go on runs more often but gymnastics is really keeping me fit right now. I have been also trying to watch my portion sizes at dinner and such… I am also trying not to eat just because I am bored.
    I love you so much! Thanks for being such an inspiration to me and many others. <3

  10. You are my little idol!! I am a dancer and I have always looked up to you because I feel like we have a lot in common. Maybe I’ll get a chance to see one of your shows this year!! I sometimes get that I look like you and it makes me so happy! You just seem so down to earth, fun, passionate, sweet and fun! You and Brooks are so stinking cute and just so happy for you that you are happy…it shows! 🙂

    My boyfriend and I sent one another our new years resolutions in the beginning of the year (it was actually his idea) in order to hold each other accountable. They are always good to look over every month or even more often just to bring yourself back to your intentions. Sometimes we will remind one another of the resolutions just to keep each other on track, it helps to have someone else know your goals and resolutions are, especially the one that you love 🙂


  11. I made a list this year of all the things Id like to accomplish and some of it is working out and others have fallen by the wayside (read 50 books this year…yeah I’m in number 4 right now). But I try. I keep the list posted in my house so I see it every day. Would you share with us some of your hopes and focuses for the year? It’s so neat to hear about going out to kess important parties and eating at home more, but it’s also wonderful to learn more about your passions and dreams and goals. 🙂 wishing you all the very best for your new lifestyle blog! I’ll be reading 🙂

  12. Normally, I do not set any resolutions for myself because I never seem to keep them. This year I did some soul searching after a close friend was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I watched her take the worse news someone could possibly be given and use it in a positive way. So, I decided this year I would worry less, be thankful more, and let go of things I could not control. I would be lying if I said those three things were easy to do, because it seems when you try to have a positive attitude negative things pop up. But, I have worked on reminding myself to take a step back and reevaluate the situation. It is amazing what you see and realize when you open your eyes to the whole picture instead of focusing on one section.

  13. My goal this year is to focus more on me myself and i. Having put others before me for the past how many years, i have kinda let myself get a bit lost. This year however, i feel i am picking myself back up and getting out there. Blogs like this inspire me to be a better person. Though i am told i am a kind person daily, its nice to actually put it out there in the world and make another persons day just that little bit better because you never know what another person is going through.

  14. I love this idea of trimming the fat. One of my favorite memes I’ve seen on Pinterest is “Have less, Be more”. In our quest for having more, I think we become a worse version of ourselves. I love that you are focusing on spending more quality time with yourself because it will make you a better you. We are all here to try and become our ‘best self’. I love your blog and you in general because you inspire people to do just that. You truly are a light! Please stay that way 😉

  15. You are my inspiration! I’ve been following you for as long as i can remember and you have just become one of my best role models. I will be attending Move Live On Tour in Seattle, Wa! I’m so excited and stoked that i bought three tickets so i can surprise my mom and sister! I love you Jules. Keep inspiring every individual. You are going to accomplish great things! xoxox

  16. This is a great idea! Looking forward to following it. Will you be able to add Toronto, Ontario, Canada to your tours someday soon? I am sure there are enough of us to fill a full venue! Keep up the great work!

  17. Hello Jules! First of all, I want you to know how much of an inspiration you are to me. I’m inspired by your inner beauty, your outer beauty, your healthy lifestyle, and your healthy spirit. I am so excited about this website and I can’t wait to watch it grow. I’d love to seek out advice from you in the love department.

    I fell in love for the first time when I was 21 years old. Looking back at the relationship, it wasn’t a very good one because my feelings for him were stronger than his feelings for me. As a result, I found myself constantly being self conscious of my actions and words. I valued his opinions as much, if not more, as my own. I gave so much of my heart to him and he did make me happy, but I was always nervous and I was always judging myself. He ended up breaking my heart and moving on with a girl he did feel strongly for in a way he never felt for me.

    This is a normal young break up story I suppose, the problem is, is that I am now 24, and I have been terrified to open myself up to another guy ever since. I must admit, I have absolutely loved being single over the last three years. I moved to NYC in pursuit of my dreams, and without worrying about someone else’s opinion of me, I feel I have been able to grow into my own person. I know who I am and I know what my passions, dreams, and desires are. I’ve gotten to a place where I am truly happy and I love myself. And THAT is why I’ve been scared to enter another relationship. I’m terrified of reverting back to the extremely self conscious 21 year old I used to be. I’m terrified of getting my heart broken and having to discover myself all over again. I hate that this terrifies me. I don’t want to be alone forever. What is your advice for staying in a healthy relationship without loosing your sense of self and freedom?

    1. Hello ‘guest’! I just happened to read your story and not surprisingly, I’m in the exact same position. My relationship ended because we were toxic for each other, and he didn’t allow me to be ‘me’. So the past 3 years I’ve done exactly what you did, matured, followed my dreams, became a person I love. But of course, am now afraid to share that with someone, with the fear of losing what I’ve worked so hard to get. So my advice to you, is just ‘dont’. When you start allowing someone in, if you’re like me, you can notice small things you might be altering about yourself to make the conversation flow, or you maybe start saying things you think they will want to hear etc. To me, this is the first sign that I’m losing my sense of self, which leads to losing the freedom of being myself with that new person. I make a conscious effort to do one thing a day that reminds me of who I am now, who I’ve worked hard to be, and who I want to be in my next relationship. So simply by being aware of how you might be changing for a new guy, you can stop the change before it even happens! I’m not sure if this advice will help you, but I wanted to share what I’ve learned myself. Best of luck!

  18. My goal is to live my life for me and no one else! Being afraid of what people think has been the biggest waste of my time.

  19. Hey Jules!!!! Gosh you are such an inspiration. Thank you for creating a place where we can chat with you and get a peak into your life. I have a video that I made with some of my goals. I may not be the best at filming or have a great camera, but it is a way that in which I really love to express myself, so here are some of my goals for the year and just to carry on with ((: feel free to take a look at it if you want!

  20. My major goals for this year are to be healthy and to make the most with the gifts I’ve been given! The healthy part is ongoing…the gifts part – I’m a nature and wildlife photographer, so being able to be outdoors all day rain or shine…ain’t nothing better!!

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