Meet The Move Crew: Steven Lee, Costume Designer

When you began cultivating costume ideas for the MOVE Tour, what were the early discussions like?

Daniella and I were both inspired by recent pop music videos. Our goal was to create looks that are sexy and sultry but still fresh and youthful. I wanted to move away from the ballroom world we’d been designing for on Dancing With The Stars and do something more contemporary. We are all extremely happy with the results! There are over ten costume changes per person.

What’s the biggest challenge in designing for the tour?

Making sure there is flexibility for the dancers. Certain things look good as far as fashion goes, but they don’t move the way a dancer would need them to. They are moving their bodies across the stage in ways the everyday person doesn’t, so the clothes need to be able to work and follow the choreography. They need to look amazing and also be effective.

What’s the best part of your job?

Working with the dancers! It’s great working with people who can express themselves like they do. I love them, Julianne and Derek. We’ve all become family.


How did you get here?

When I was in college, I knew my dream career was working somewhere I could be artistic. I thought then that would be in theater arts, so I was planned on taking a set design class. I was upset to learn that class was fully booked. As a back up, I signed up for costume design. I had a cool professor and ended up falling in love with costuming.

What’s your best advice for anyone with a dream?

Always keep your focus. Stay dedicated and passionate. Love what you do.


Follow Steven on Instagram @stevennormanlee.

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