My Favorite Moment: Dancing With The Stars Week 4

On last night’s Dancing With The Stars, celebrities danced to commemorate their โ€œmost memorable year.โ€ To say this episode was a tear jerker is a major understatement. It was beautiful to hear about the backstories of the people we are getting to know little by little every week. This episode brings out a vulnerable side of people and allows them to find beauty in that space. For that, it is one of my most favorite weeks on the show every season.

Bindi’s dance in particular was pretty spectacular. She dedicated her dance to her dad, the late, great Steve Irwin. Everyone was brought to tears and inspired by her courageous performance.

You may have caught my “I Am…” explosion at the end of Paula Deen’s performance. The “I Am” practice is something I learned from Tony Robbins. He has you say, “I am….(fill in the blank)!” The blank being as many “power virtues” as you want to be. I try to make it a point to say my “I Am’s” every single day. We believe the words we tell ourselves on a daily basis, so the idea is to say positive and great things about who we are or who we want to be. I wanted Paula to not only focus on all the amazing things she is, but also to say it out loud and believe it!

Photo credit ยฉABC/Adam Taylor

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  1. I was crying like a baby with Bindi Irwin and derek hough dance. Derek is a great choreographer. They deserved 10/10/10 last night.

  2. Thanks for reminding me of the “I am…”. I keep forgetting or at least forgetting about the empowering things. “I am stupid” comes quite easily to my mind. As for yesterday, I think it does not get more beautiful than Bindi. She is such a special young lady. The partnership with Derek is heavensent for both of them. I loved her/their dance and story. Alek is a pretty remarkable man too.

  3. Honestly I take life for granted sometimes and after last night …. I don’t think that’s going to happen anymore! I was in tears and to hear about Bindis story is heartbreaking but also amazing! She had taught me so much!! She doesn’t leave and come home to a mother and father like I do and that’s just terrible!!! I’m able to! But Bindi…. Makes the best of everything and I’m honestly blessed for her to have shared her story because my life has defiantly changed!

  4. An amazing show – I lost my dad when I was 12 and it’s so hard to deal with at that tender age. We really learned a lot about all the dancers and your brother is such an amazing choreographer with the dance he created for Bindi. I was pleasantly surprised at how well most of the dancers did last night – some of them really shocked me. Each season I’m concerned about the direction of the show, and then as the season goes on, I’m stunned at the talent of some of the people.

  5. I also wonder how Bindi did not get all 10s? It just does not get more beautiful than that dance. If this were the semi finals or the finals they would have surely gotten all 10s. it was just as deserving last night as it would have been later in the season. Thank God that Bruno saw that and rewarded them. You and Carrieanne need to make that up to them. Derek has done many great dances with his partners. The last dance with Kelli Pickler, some of his dances with Jennifer and with Shawn were very memorable, but nothing as profound as what we saw last night..Bindi is not only a great dancer but she has the ability to totally put all of herself into the dance, as does Derek, and that equals excellence.

  6. What a great show last night! My favorite was of course Bindi and Derek. Not only was Bindi amazing and so brave, Derek’s choreography was perfect for this story. He really out did himself! I also enjoyed Hayes and Emma (Wow! Hayes!!) Carlos and Witney were beautiful- and of course Allison’s announcement! Yea!! I noticed your “I am’s” with Paula – I remember reading that here before. Im glad you did that! It’s a powerful thing, a persons inner dialogue. Great Job Jules – You are Awesome :)))

  7. Last night was by far my favorite episode this season. It brought out a side of everyone that was so beautiful to watch. Even though I was in tears majority of the night, I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV. Bindi’s story as well as many others was a reminder that life is short, and that we need to cherish the people around us and count our blessings. I love my Monday nights watching DWTS! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. This girl just saved DWTS season. She is an amazing person. When I first heard that she was dancing. I said, oh know.. I thought she would be terrible. Bindi is the complete package. She is the only reason I tune in. Of all the people I can think of meeting. She is at the top of the list. We can all learn from this little lady. She has such a joy and positive outlook on life. God Bless you Mindy and your family. You will have your own show in America shortly.

  9. The judges should have given Derek kudo’s last night for his brilliant choreography. Oh my gosh, I have NEVER seen a story told so succinctly, sensistively and lightly (as in light as air). He is so in tune it’s scary. I think he will be nominated for that number, it is possibly the best choreographed number in the history of the show because it was conveying a true heartbreak.. My other all time favorite was Mery/Maks – yes, I am impartial to brilliance and that number was heart stopping for different reasons (I think Maks was smitten, more than she). It took me a long time to like anything as much as you and Apolo but time marches on… ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Your brother Derek is amazing. Bindi is an extraordinary young lady. Together it was a most beautiful moment. I cried.

  11. Yes! I loved Bindi and Derek’s dance! I was bawling because it was so beautiful! Also, I loved how fun Nick’s and Sharna’s dance was, and I really liked the sign you made. hehe Also, Congrats to Allison! She was glowing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I have also thought that your brother was such a kind and giving person then I saw you And I would like to say I think you know already what I am going to say But you two had some really good parents They did such a great job in raising you both, And Bindi Irwin She also great parents And it was awesome watching her and your brother dance together I wanted it to go on more I wanted to see more It was just to short and if I were ask which dance I would like to see done over at the end of DWTS I would say that dance with a little longer version Please tell your brother about this request ty And remember you two are the greatest!!!!!!God bless you and your family! Stay true.

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