Mirror Challenge: I Really Like My “X”

No, not your ex. Your x! As in, your fill-in-the-blank. Allow me to explain…

Every day when we look in the mirror, we give ourselves a quick assessment. Sometimes it’s while we’re washing our face and noticing those dark spots that just won’t go away, or when doing a once over in the full length mirror and thinking, “If only I could change this part of my body!”

For so many reasons we tend to over criticize and focus on what we wish was different. On a certain level, it’s okay to recognize what we’d like to work on when it comes to our health or appearance. But let’s give ourselves a break already!

It’s time to turn this reflection around and focus on the positives. I’m challenging all of us (yes, I need to do this too!) to name three things we like about what we see when we look in the mirror.

Our self-compliments can be big or small. Anything from eye color to cute toes to an awesome butt. Give yourself the gift of feeling good about yourself. Why? Because it’s much more productive than all that negativity.

So go ahead and tell me! What do you really like about your… x?

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  1. LOVE this! Yesterday I watched a TedTalk called, “Why Thinking You’re Ugly is Bad For You,” by Meaghan Ramsey. Heartbreaking to see young girls putting pictures of themselves on the internet and asking, “Am I Ugly?” More heartbreaking…the responses from some people.

    My yoga instructor always said…”Your body hears what your mind tells it.” So powerful!

    I love my back and eyelashes!

  2. Hey I like this thougt. It is really hard to stop to be critical with myself but I will try. I like my hair, the form of my face and my drak brown eyes. Thank you for giving this inspiration. It is easy to find the bad things but we really should focus on the good things. So we are happy with ourselves. 🙂

  3. Such a great challenge! I think self-confidence is so powerful in an age when women are so critical of themselves. We talk ourselves out of many opportunities because we convince ourselves that we can’t do it when we probably really could. I think it begins with accepting ourselves, and accepting physical characteristics is a good place to start. I like my almond shaped brown eyes, abs and smile. Julianne, I also love your blue eyes and amazing smile! Thanks for being so encouraging! 🙂

  4. Beautiful challenge. Even when we recognize imperfections – or more accurately what we think are our imperfections – it’s important to dwell on the positives. I love my smile, my blonde hair, and my freckles.

  5. Honestly, this is hard as there isn’t much I physically like about myself, especially when at my age 44 my mother still puts down the things about me she doesn’t like and of course, of people alon the couse of my lifetime. But anyway, here goes…I like my eyes -they are a cool greenish blue, and regardless of what my mother says, I like my hair – it’s curly, yet if I blow it out and use a flat iron it will stay pin straight. (She HATES my hair.) That’s really all I like about myself when I look in a mirror. Everything else I see is what needs to be improved.

  6. 3? ok… my favorite is my color of hair; I dyed it once and hate it. #2 could be my back, I know its weird but I like It, at times I think its sexy. #3 my booty, I have a small frame but I have little curves and I’ve been working on my booty to keep it looking good. TBH I thought it would be hardest challenge but it was easier once I stopped focusing in the flaws. 🙂 oh like my toes too, my nose and people have been telling me my arms are looking great; as long they are tone not big ill be ok. he he Thank you Jules…. now I see that I gave you a hard question in the Q&A he he.

  7. I thought about it during at least 20 minutes, but finally, I would say my expressive eyes, my smile and my butt (why not..). Thanks for the challenge !! And you ? You didn’t say yours.

  8. Mirror challenge, it’s difficult with as many surgeries and effects that fibromyalgia does to your body. Terrible veins, etc….I was once a very confident self assured woman, and hope I can rebuild that self worth again. My boyfriends verbal abuse seems to always want to break me down. But im building myself up so I would say I really like my eyes, my back and my lips.

    1. I have a motherly type figure in my life who also has fibromyalgia, and she always says that the blessing of it is that it has enabled her to really understand other people when they complain about their pain. She says that the blessing of it is that it has turned into such an empathetic person. People are really drawn to her cuz they see that she really understands, and cares when they are suffering. Maybe thats your blessing too 🙂

      1. Thank you for your kind words. I have had fibromyalgia for over twenty years. I have the same optimism your mom did, but I’ve been thru a few bad years. One year alone I had 4 surgeries. It had taken a toll on my brain and body. Thank you for your blessings. I hope to be strong enough to dance again one day

  9. Good challenge. That is a tough one. The first thing I see is everything I hate – I have a list. I do love my blue eyes, my full lips and my dragon tattoo.

  10. I like my full lips, my flat stomach and my delicate hands.

    To be honest, these three things took me about ten minutes to come up with! Wow!

  11. Ahh i love this challenge! To be honest though I read everyone else’s comments first and it did make me sad that so many people only see negative first. My three things would have to be my green eyes (color & shape), my smile, and I have finally learned to love my curly hair…sometimes..unless its giving me a really hard time 😉

  12. I wish there were more celebrities & people in the world like Julianne! I truly do not know how you stay so true to yourself in the midst of being a celebrity in the public eye. I absolutely LOVE your challenges! Please keep sending them to us. It helps me to know that celebrities really are just people like the rest of us and that they have the same feelings and insecurities we may have. Thank you Julianne for this challenge!
    My 3 things are: my smile (I get compliments on my smile all the time so I try to share it), my green eyes and my height. It’s hard coming up with what you like about yourself, most people always go to the negatives first so thank you for this challenge Julianne! You are such an inspiration!

  13. I really like my
    1. Eye color they’re like a blue, green with some yellow.
    2. My cheerful smile/exuberant and crazy laugh.
    3. Naturally Wavy/Curly hair-on most days
    I also am beginning to really like my shoulders, not sure why. But you don’t even need a reason to like something about yourself.

  14. Once again, challenge accepted!! I love that you encourage girls to love all of their imperfections. It’s super important for people to love the things that they have. You shouldn’t focus on what you want to have. If you keep complaining about what you want to have done to your body and face, you will never be happy. I really love my face and thighs. I’m proud to have them!

  15. My skin has not given in to old age like other parts of my body have. I am happy that I used L’Oreal “collagen serum” for frown lines and crows feet when I was younger. It worked.
    I have never been a body builder, but before I was 30 years old, I did put in the time to learn to curl 20 lbs. in repetitions of 10. I would have no health at all if I hadn’t. It is that time again to start curling that 20 lb. dumbbell a couple of hundred or more times per day/everyday. I was used to 5 minute intervals. It has been several years since I curled. I may have to start with 10 minute or longer intervals between reps. However, I am very thankful for the resiliency in my upper body to go back to curling without the agonizing hurt and delays, because of weight lifting pain. I was so weak when I started curling back in my twenties. After I started curling, I have always owned that 20 lb. curl in both arms, no matter how tired I was and no matter how many years go by. Knock on wood, here comes 100 repetitions sometime soon everyday for a week and a regaining of some of my strength. I cannot let all of this arthritis that I have in my neck, spine, and shoulders defeat me and I hate the feeling of being mentally fatigued. and mentally finished that I can no longer do it anymore. If I could just get on with the curling, the feelings of mental defeat will begin to vanish. Mental fatigue is going to have a snowballing effect on me if I do not get a grip of it soon and really do something about it. Can I handle the rollercoasters anymore, why would I want to ride a bicycle. I did know the feeling of real bodily weakness taking over when I was still in my twenties. I have never wanted to be old age.
    I do not have beautiful calves like you do Julianne. I wish you could sit on my lap and I could tell you how beautiful your legs are. Your feet are feminine. Your feet are ladylike. So many women have big feet and accentuate their big feet with humongous looking shoes. My calves get thin going toward my ankles. I am thankful that my legs have always carried me wherever I wanted to walk. I have been doing my best this summer to regain the youthful tone and strength of muscle in my legs. I have been walking on average at least a couple of miles per day for almost two consecutive months. Sometimes we think that we are growing older when the realization that we cannot stand up for long periods of time like young people happens. I am hoping that my legs will be resilient and I will be able to stand up for longer periods of time again. I really want to get rid of that feeling that I am to old to stand up on my feet for awhile.

    55 years old is not ancient, but it depends on how you take care of yourself. May “God” bless you Julianne on your birthday and at all times. Your modesty, your talents, your good nature, your smarts are all endearing qualities. Your smile and your eyes would not be as beautiful if you were one of those people who did not care what children grow up to think. I like my own brown eyes when I look in the mirror, because despite my big mouth, I know that I would not hurt you for anything in the world. Yep, when you are somebody’s real fan they can do no wrong and you will never feel in your heart that you want to jump on the negative bandwagon blog.

    I hope that it is L’Oreal that offers you the big money to moisturize your legs and tell about their different products.

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