MOVE Tour Cities… What Should I Do?!

And we’re off! The MOVE Live On Tour is officially en route and heading to some great cities this week! Phoenix, Albuquerque, Midland and Austin — we’re coming for you!

I love being on tour because it means I get to sample something special from every city. I won’t have a ton of time in between shows, so I’m hoping you all could steer me in the right direction as far as where to grub, shop and see while I’m passing through!

There are so many historical and cultural hot spots surrounding Albuquerque; I have no idea where to start. Any ideas? I know Austin is jam packed with awesome being that it’s all about music and food. So many choices! Help a girl out! I’ll let you know where we end up…

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  1. I’ve been to Phoenix and Albuquerque.. but didn’t spend a lot of time there. Right outside Albuquerque are the Sandia Mountains, there is a lovely tram ride with spectacular views there, second longest in the world I think! In Austin, for a quick bite, I would recommend the fried avocado tacos at Torchy’s. The shopping on South Congress is really fun and very “Austin”. I hope to revisit these places someday, there is never enough time! Happy Travels. Hoping to see more posts about this through your tour. I definitely have recommendations for Kansas City. XO – Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. I will see you at the San Antonio show! The Riverwalk is a MUST SEE!!! It is beautiful, you can take a boat around the river and someone will be your guide or you can just walk around, there are beautiful bridges, flowers, statues, yummy mexican food…I think you would LOVE it! Also, if you have time, drive by Our Lady of the Lake Convent/University, it is a sight to see, more beautiful than I could ever put into words! 515 SW 24th Street Hope you have fun on your tour, can’t wait to see you and Derek! Safe travels, I will be praying for you the whole time that God will keep you safe on the road! God bless you sweet dear!

  3. I’m from Phoenix.. Born and Raised. Check out Old Town Scottsdale. They have tons of restaurants that have awesome food, and a great night life. If you want to chill and catch some sun there are some lakes around Saguaro Lake is my favorite. There is also Downtown Phoenix that has great food and night life.

  4. We know you love hiking and there’s a ton of great spots around for you to get a great view of the city! I just don’t know what the heat is like towards the end of the week. Plus AZ never runs out of amazing places to eat. I can’t recommend just one or two! Lol. So excited for Friday!

  5. If you ever happen to pass through Livermore, California, I suggest just walking through their little town. It is absolutely one of the cutest towns I’ve ever seen. I was born in Livermore, but moved when I was very young and just came back to visit it a couple days ago. Have fun traveling 🙂

  6. In Albuquerque you need to ride the tram up the Sandia Mountains, eat some chili (my favorite is at Cocina azul), try a beer (we are becoming a capital of beer brewing, try la cumbre, marble or canteen brewery), find a breaking bad location or two, and check out historic Old Town.

  7. When you come to Camden it’s not the nicest area, lol but there’s a great zoo and some shopping malls nearby

  8. Welcome To Arizona !! I can be your tour guide !! I have been in this city for17years – check out the Musical Instrument museum in north phoenix, Shop at Kierland commons in North Scottsdale, Hike Camleback mountain (you will get a nice view of the city!) I will be more than happy to show you around ! I cant make it to the show this year. It has been my dream to meet you all

  9. I’m a Phoenix native, born and raised! In Phoenix you should hike Camelback for a fantastic view of the city! If you happen to have an extra day, Sedona is a must-see or you could go tubing on the Salt River. For dinner and nightlife, Old Town Scottsdale is a local favorite. Welcome to Phoenix, and I hope the skies show off our beautiful sunsets while you are here!

  10. July 2 – Raleigh. For eating check out Beasley’s Chicken and Honey, Poole’s Diner, or the Busy Bee café. That week our YMCA runs their special summer dance camp, and their final performance is the afternoon of the 2nd. For shopping, check out the North Hills area or Cameron Village if you’re closer to downtown.

  11. In Albuequerque!! Was born and raised here but live in Texas now and came back to see yall tear up the stage here! Things to do here, ride the tram to the Sandias and take in some great views! Visit Old Town and see some local shops and eat some fantastic food, get some green chili somewhere! We also have some great local brewery’s, La Cumbre is probably my favorite so grab some awesome beer. Hoping for the best for yalls tour, stay safe! The picture of the Sandias is my view from Rio Rancho where my family lives, one of my favorite views!

  12. Phoenix is full of surprises. It is getting hot, hot, hot! So if you and your team have a chance to get up early in the morning you should try and hike one of our famous peaks. It would make a great team builder. Camelback and Squaw Peak are some local & tourist favorites.

    Otherwise, you should aim for all things which provide air conditioning. If you have an hour or two to wander than go antiquing! Try out the Antique Trove in Scottsdale, or Merchant Square in Chandler. You can take home a fun souvenir from your travels and get lost among vintage treasures. Another fun favorite for my visitors is Butterfly Wonderland. Think..butterflies, butterflies everywhere.

    There are so many great restaurants here especially in Old Town Scottsdale and Downtown PHX. A couple of my favorites are Postino’s (bruschetta and vino), True Foods or Flower Child (healthy noms), Matt’s Big Breakfast (locally sourced – try the salami scramble or waffles), Grazie Pizzeria and Wine Bar or Grimalidi’s (Pizza), Copper Star Coffee (they make fresh pastries…sigh), Culinary Dropout (fun happy hour), I could go on and on. If you go to any of these or would like any other suggestions please give me a shout. I love to play tour guide — @fulfillmywnderlust

  13. Im travelling 8 hours to Orillia, Ontario Canada so its not exactly my town but you should try some poutine and don’t worry about the calories you are gonna burn them on the show anyway LOL. also you might want to check the Scottish Festival its happening July 17 so I don’t know if you’re gonna have time. can’t wait for the show and meet you guys!!!

  14. Definitely need to go to Picnik Austin when you’re in Austin. They have the best coffee drinks and butter blondies you’ll ever taste! Everything there is made from real whole food and nutrient dense ingredients. Plus, they source their meat from Yonder Way Farms which is a local farm. Everything on the menu is absolutely delicious and I reccommend an iced mocha chocolatte.

  15. Hi Julianne. I saw you in SF last year and I’ll be seeing you in Oakland this time around (so excited)! But, my hometown is Seattle and here are some suggestions for Seattle: (1) go up the Space Needle; it’s touristy, but the views are great, especially on a clear day. If you want a nice/better view of the Needle itself, go up the hill to Kerry Park on Queen Anne, it’s not too far from Seattle Center & the Space Needle. (2) Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibit – a short walk from the Needle. Spectacular glass art. (3) go to the Pike Place Market; the best open or “farmers” market (I’m biased of course) with fresh flowers, wonderful food and local gifts. They also have regular shows where they throw fish; trust me, it’s a crowd pleaser. (4) within the Pike Place Market is the Original or flagship Starbucks (1st & Pike). Have fun in Seattle 🙂

  16. I’m a HUGE fan of your dancing and music! In Boise, if you have an hour or so to spare and your legs aren’t too exhausted, hike Table Rock – it’s a great little hike with amazing views. As a dancer myself, I do this hike to keep my calves and hips loose. “The Old Penitentiary” is at the base, and the tours are really interesting and engaging. See you in Boise!

  17. If you get to the Dallas area any time, please just call or drop by for a little rest, relaxation, a glass of tea and some cookies … then stay for dinner. We’d love to have you and Derek and your team – yes, all of them.

  18. My sister and I are traveling to see you in Kansas City in July. Post if you hear of some must stop places there!

  19. Can’t wait for your New York show! There’s obviously plenty to do in the city but you should definitely check out Long Island if you have time. There are so many fun things to do like going to the beaches or shopping. Not to mention the best bagels! Good luck on the start of your tour. See you in July!

  20. Well I’ll be at the Woodlands show!:) Not sure all there is to do there, bur it’s really nice!

  21. While in Houston, go to BRC Gastropub! Not the healthiest, but so delicious! Bacon Jam anyone? Very quirky little place. Make reservations for sure! Also just as awesome is Roost!

  22. You’ll be in Albuquerque so soon! You’ll be able to marvel at our outstanding Sandia mountains, and yes the tram is touristy, but it is the longest one in the world, and the view from up top is spectacular! You’ll be performing at Popejoy (right on campus) so walk over to Frontier and have some authentic New Mexican food and chile! The duck pond is on campus, and is a great place to relax, and up the road you can do some shopping in Nob Hill. In Old Town, you’ll find the city’s first church and the culture is wonderful! Go find the shop called “The Candy Lady” for some fun treats and you’ll get your Breaking Bad fix there too! Can’t wait to see your show!! Literally bringing all of my gf’s!! 🙂

  23. You will be in Midland tomorrow and I am SO excited to see and meet you and Derek! I know you don’t have a lot of time, so here is the rundown. Cork and Pig which is very close to the venue is a really great place to eat and very convienant considering the location of Wagner Noel. We unfortunately do not have great shopping, but we do have the childhood home that George W. Bush grew up in, not to mention a pretty amazing petroleum museum (nerd alert)! If you were sticking around longer we could fly down in the helicopter to my friends ranch! You and Derek could really see what West Texas has to offer! Safe travels and see you soon!

  24. In Indianapolis: We have the largest Children’s Museum in the country. (It is great fun for adults, too ;). It also appears on many vacation lists as one of the must see museums in the country. For food, get your grub on at St. Elmo’s Steakhouse. This restaurant is extremely famous and the Indy steakhouse from “Parks and Rec,” is based off of this place. For shopping: Mass Ave., very near where you will be performing is the best place for shopping. It is a mecca of local boutiques. There are awesome restaurants there as well.

  25. Yep, I agree. Austin is filled with tons of things, and I have yet to conquer everything in college. Here are just a few popular things:

    Sight seeing:
    South Congress (a.k.a. SoCo) is fun to shop at. (Make sure to take a picture by Jo’s Coffee)
    Graffiti Castle
    Mount Bonnell
    Lady Bird Lake – kayaking, paddle boarding, etc.
    Zilker Park – dogs are everywhere

    Mexican: Juan in a Million – open just for lunch and breakfast – I don’t even like Mexican Food fore being a Texan, and I’ve found something that I like here. (It’s true Mexican Food)
    Pizza: Home Slice
    Hamburger: Hopdoddy
    TexMex: Hula Hut – on the lake and very pretty, fun atmosphere, y la comida es muy delicioso
    Food Trucks are also a very Austiny thing
    BBQ: Franklin’s is delicious, but the wait is 5 hours unless they let you cut. I’ve heard Stubb’s is good too, but have yet to go. I personally think Rudy’s is very good, but it is not such an “Austiny” kind of thing.

    Cookies: Tiff’s Treats – and they Deliver!
    Cupcakes: Hey Cupcake
    Doughnuts: Gourdough’s – they also make hamburgers and sandwiches out of doughnuts. I’d recommend not eating both for a meal and dessert. From experience, you’ll feel
    Snow Cones: SnoBeach

    Not sure what happens during the beginning of the week, but Rainy St., Dirty Sixth, and West Sixth are popular.

    If you want something more specific, I’d be happy to respond.

  26. Often when people come to NY they tend to stick to Manhattan. But if you’re looking for a more chilled atmosphere head out to Long Island, whether its the towns or the beach (I recommend the beach). Especially during the summer, areas like Atlantic Beach and Long Beach are more populated (but not in a claustrophobic way) so there is more going on over there, its relaxing, and a great place to spend the day.

  27. San Antonio
    Shopping – The Shops at La Cantera & Market Square (El Mercado) Let me know if you need a shopping buddy 😉
    Things to Do – Alamo, Riverwalk, the Missions
    Food- what do you like? Mexican, BBQ, Seafood, Italian, Greek, Thai…Texas….we have it all!

  28. do your show in belgium ! there’s a lot of great things to do 🙂 and i will be able to see the show

  29. You will be in Columbus, Ohio at the Palace Theatre on Tuesday, July 21. Here are suggestions you may find helpful:
    An area known as Short North which is on North High Street just few blocks from the state Capital (and Palace Theatre) has great bars, restaurants, art galleries and boutique shopping. There’s also a shopping area known as North Market near the convention center and downtown which has Sushi made to order, cheeses, meats, spices, fish, fresh produce, food, coffee, bakery, etc. and The Commons is grassy area to walk dogs. BEST bakeries are Pistachia Vera in German Village just south of downtown and The French Loaf in Grandview on Fifth. The Palace and Ohio Theatres are beautiful old theatres for photography as well as the Franklin Park Conservatory which has gorgeous glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly. Of course there is our world famous Columbus Zoo and Zoombezi Bay water park. If Derek is interested in a private golf lesson, my nephew is a former golfer who is now the head pro at a local club. I believe your tour would pack our Ohio State University football stadium if you have a chance to view it (it holds 115,000 people) – thought for the future? Hope this gives you a little insight into Columbus.
    Enjoy our city.

  30. Hello!

    When in Boston check out: Boston Commons Park in downtown( Lexi and Harley will
    love this park, taker blanket and have pick-nick outside!! ),Go to “Little Italy” area and check out a great bakery called Mikes pastries
    and eat a Cannoli on my behalf !!There is this tiny cafe in Brookline called Paris
    IS TO DIE FOR !! Shopping in Boston; Newbury street and Faneuil Hall
    Marketplace. Newbury street is my Fave!!!!! Check out the restaurant FIGS
    pizzeria restaurant ( 42 Charles St, Downtown ish area !)

    Go kayaking on the Charles river! So worth it !! Swam boats at the Boston
    public garden ( across from The commons)

    Hope this all helps! I lived in Boston for one year and loved it !!

  31. Your going to be in Indianapolis!! You should go to the Indiana State Museum including the IMAX Theathe. You can go to the Momument Circle and walk up the stairs and head to the top. That’s quite a workout! 400 steps! You can also if you have time to get something to eat, you can go to the Farmer’s Market and get something to eat or if they are still having it, you can go the the Strawberry festival/fresh produce section.

  32. You’ve got a gorgeous day in Milwaukee I hope you get to enjoy! Head down to Festa Italiana or the Third Ward. Best of luck to you and your crew tonight wishing I was coming to see!

    xx Andrea

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