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My Favorite Moment: Dancing With The Stars Finale

Last night was nothing short of incredible! I always look forward to the finale show because we get to revisit all the dancers from the season and reminisce some of their best moves. My favorite part of the night was of course performing with my brother alongside Sia to her beautiful song, “Elastic Heart.” It was emotional and powerful but most of all — it was fun!

A little insider info: It was Sia who contacted Derek and said she wanted him to perform to her song. Meanwhile, Derek and I have been prepping for MOVE Live on Tour, and we already planned on putting this song in our show. Derek always envisioned it as a romantic love story but I saw it in a way that expressed the difficulties that come with a family’s love. In our lives, we’ve had experiences where we want so badly to keep the peace in our family. The lyrics say, “I’m like an elastic band. If you pull too hard, I’m going to snap.” We came up with a concept based around family dynamics and how a family’s love can be difficult, too.

Just because we’re family and we’re expected to always love each other, that doesn’t mean it isn’t hard at times. So for us, this was a chance to show how we dealt with this when we were kids versus how we deal today as adults. As children, we can tease each other one minute then quickly move forward to playing together. Whereas today we build up so many walls that in the end we’re really just fighting against ourselves.

The dance was a representation of going back to our childhood and identifying those moments. The younger dancers Emma and Joey represented the younger versions of us. Every time we would interact with them, it symbolized Derek and I trying to reconnect with our childhood selves.

The destruction we created in the room wasn’t out of anger or frustration, it was out of carefree fun. A reminder that as adults we can still have fun!

What did you guys think? I hope you had as much fun watching as we did dancing!

xo Jules

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  1. I loved it! It’s great to hear how you came up with it! I’ve always enjoyed the routines that you and Derek (either individually or together) have created. You are both very creative and can really tell a story! Thank you for sharing this!!

  2. Incredible!!! I would love to know more behind the scenes stuff on this one — how the room moved! Very moving and very talented family!

  3. Thank you SO much for explaining the dance to us. I have to admit, I struggled with it. The dancing was amazing and awesome as always but the feel of the dance made me sad and I couldn’t seem to shake it. I watched it a few times and still was disturbed by it. There seemed to be too much anger for me. You and Derek have always said how well you get along and it was like seeing you fight for the first time – I hated it! You are both so loving and kind and I love that about both of you. It is still hard for me to watch but I can at least appreciate it now for what it is. I like the dances that make me happy and feel good. I hope you will do more happy, feel good dances on the tour. I am SO looking forward to seeing you both. Love you both!

  4. i loved the dance too the core I actually could relate to it and I did actually think it was more about you and Derek being playful as a child and then difficult times during Adult then again u guys coming around an tossing thing around like u use 2 do it when u were kids I loved this act it was beautifulll

  5. I love watching you and derek perform and we do have tickets to your tour show but I have a bit of trouble with your comment “The destruction we created in the room wasn’t out of anger or frustration, it was out of carefree fun. A reminder that as adults we can still have fun” … to me there was “no fun” on your faces so how were we as an audience to know … yes as adults we can still have fun but if that was fun PLEASE show it as fun 🙂

  6. That dance moved me. My brother and I don’t have the best relationship. We are constantly fighting and hurting each other, and watching that through the power of dance brought me to tears. Thank you.


  8. It was an amazing dance, with you and Derrick and the younger versions of you two. I’m so glad to read what you wrote above about the dance – that makes it even better. It was great to see you dancing again.

  9. So incredibly beautiful! Stunning. Absolutely the highlight of last night…I was utterly moved by the story, bond and love. It’s magical to watch the two of you dance together. Thank you.

  10. I really loved the dance. As a photographer, it surprises me when things like dance inspire my trade. Thank you to you and Derek for sharing your amazing visions, and talent. I can’t wait to see you guys perform in Houston next month

  11. The dance was incredibly amazing… I really loved it! You put such an effort in your dances (your brother as well :D), everyone can see that. And you touch my soul every time I watch a video of you dancing. For me, you are an inspiration although I’m not a dancer like that, I just like to dance for myself. I hope you see that 🙂 xoxo

  12. This was so beautiful Jules. When I first watched it last night, before I knew anything about the inspiration or the background, I kept thinking “This is exactly like my brother and I.” You two rocked that in every way possible. Thank you thank you thank you. I can’t stop watching.

  13. Jules, I think people relate to art and interpret it to fit what is happening in their life. I started writing my own recap of DWTS and posting it on my Facebook page, it was really for me so I was surprised that my friends loved it and asked me to continue… thank you for sharing what it meant for you… here is an excerpt from my post this morning on how I interpreted your dance:

    highlights go to the Subway Honey I’m Good with Derek/Sasha/Nastia and Mark and Willow’s Mad Hatter encore’s… both epic… and the very artsy interpretation of the struggle to hang on to childhood dreams in an adult world interpretation by Derek and Julianne to the music of Sia…

  14. So beautiful Jules! You never cease to amaze me in the stories you tell when you dance! Love to see you get back out on the dance floor! Can’t wait to see you on your MOVE Live tour!! Love you!!

  15. Awesome!!! I have been a big fan of yours for some time but just got into dancing with the stars 2 years ag, and have to say before I even knew dereck was your brother I became a fan of him as well. You two are great performers!!!

  16. It was absolutely lovely. Last year, I happened upon some free tickets to your guys’ tour and even though they were nosebleed seats, I really enjoyed it. So much so that I’m really hoping to take my Mom to one this year…with better seats. It’s so great to be able to go to show like that that celebrates and inspires. Thank you guys for doing it.

  17. Loved the dance and it’s execution by you and Derek and your “mini-me’s”. What a couple of talented kids! Maybe y’all should drag ’em out on tour.

  18. Love that song. Very powerful. It’s amazing what music & dance means to different people. I love watching you both! I hope to get Move tickets this year! Xoxo

  19. Just an emotional, beautiful dance, but I think if u folks were smiling a little at the end showing it wasn’t anger, but enjoying each other n having fun out of life now that you’re adults.

  20. It was definitely my favorite moment of the finale! The concept, dance, and everything about the performance was breathtaking. I love you both and absolutely adore watching you two dance together!

  21. Just absolutely breathtaking.. I would give anything to see your show I find both of you to be such amazing role models and inspiration any chance you wanna come to ireland xx

  22. I loved it so so much!!! I have also thought of it as a romantic love story song until Ive watched your performance. I have been so caught into the moment, concept, watched it several time to capture all details…It has been fantastic, everything on point, dance, expressions, emotions, ideas…You guys are a living phenomenon. And Emma and Joey were so so cool! Thank you all for such a beautiful performance!

  23. Watching you dance is amazing! I loved the dance and can’t wait for next season! Hopefully you can dance even more then.

  24. It was a breathtaking performance. I’m really glad I got to see you dance this season, and with Derek made it all the more amazing for me. I have always loved watching the two of you dance, and can’t wait to see you on tour again this summer.

  25. it was amazing. the choreography intense and perfection on both sides of the wall. the kids did great…and of course we love watching you and Derek perform together.

  26. I love watching the video. The choreography is so powerful and emotional. It is amazing. I am glad that I am able to see the video from my german location. Incredible performance! My brother and I also enjoy dancing. At the moment he is my partner in standard dance (no competition, only in a small group of our dancing school) and it is so much easier with him, than with the other guys, because we understand each other blindly-if we want to 😉 We often share your dancing videos to each other and say “next time we are dancing more like this” 😀

  27. It was my favorite dance of the finale! Love watching you and Derek. So beautiful and what a terrific concept!

  28. This was fabulous. I never watch the show, was visiting a friend and they watched. Everyone was WONDERFUL.

  29. this dance was really the highlight of the night for me, you guys are incredible, it was a brilliant routine. I love the little details like how Derek started with his fasteners all tangled or the bite mark on his hand and then we saw mini Jules bitting mini Derek. you guys are geniuses !!!! wish I can go to the show next year if you come to other cities in Canada. LOVE <3

  30. There was a vulnerability in this piece that I had never seen before from you and Derek. It took my breath away. While I felt like everything was falling to pieces….it remained intertwined and solid because there is love even in the greatest fight between family members.

  31. Julianne, do you think this performance can be eligible for an Emmy nomination? The concept, the movements, the emotions, and the energy all of you and Sia evoked was top notch! So appreciate your and Derek’s work – always heartfelt, always 100% from the soul.

  32. Derek moving the table that you flipped at the end showed his protectiveness, so that your head would not hit it. I’m very close to my younger brother & can relate to the change in dynamic with our relationship as we get older. So nice to have unconditional selfless family LOVE! Me(26) my brother (22)

  33. I wish I was this close to my Younger brother but the truth is that we don’t get along but reading and watching this makes me want to change that, I know its not going to be easy but I just need it to be possible and you showed me it is, so… for that I thank you Julianne

  34. Oh It was amazing!!! I LOVED IT!! <3 One of my favourite routines with out a doubt!! x this should be Sia's music video x <3

  35. Never seen anything like it! The passion, intensity and the beauty of it was incredible! Love the idea with bringing in the kids, who were amazing dancers as well as the two of you! It was powerful and it touched me deeply! Great job 🙂

  36. Its all what I want it to do, reconnect with my childhood with my brother and sisters. You and Derek are amazing! My teenagers love you guys! We can’t wait to see you in Florida soon!

  37. It was beautiful! The kids were amazing and they were in sync with you. Amazing! You two are a force to be reckoned with. I am in awe of your talent. Would love to see you both on tour. Can’t wait to see you in Grease!

  38. It brought tears to my eyes because it was so beautiful! It also gets me really excited to see you and Derek perform in Nashville this summer! Can’t wait! 🙂

  39. This was an amazing dance. I cried the whole way through. I can’t stop watching it. It brought back so many memories from my childhood with my brothers. It is amazing to see a dance that truly captures the transformation of those family ties into adulthood and the intense hurt that a person can go through; yet at the end of the day those are the relationships that are the most important and the hardest to break. Thank you so much for performing this. You really touched my soul.

  40. I loved the choreography. From the backwards effect at the beginning, to the wall moments with the young self longing for adulthood and adult reflecting on childhood. For me it captured having each others backs through disagreements and teasing, and the fun carefree moments that we only have with siblings, cousins, etc. No matter what we say, they are there the next day and we have to figure out how to get along and work it out.

  41. Most amazing performance ever. Two incredible dancers collide to make a song come to life, such talent!

  42. That performance last week was truly Incredible. I loved all of the emotion and I feel like it was very relatable. You guys are phenomenal!

  43. This is my favorite video on the web at the moment. I seriously can’t stop watching it ever since the finale aired! Not just because it’s you and Derek, but because it is just so powerful. And the kids, Joey German and Emma York, are also amazing. I love the whole concept, I love your creativeness and sheer emotion!

  44. It was really a very powerful and amazing performance. There really was a message about family times. It was a beautiful thing to witness. It reminded me about me and my brothers and sisters when we were little. It really touched me. And it made me want to e a better sibling to my brothers and sisters. You and Derek are truly “magic in motion” You two inspire me to become an better human being!! And now, that dance is nominated for and Emmy Award!! Congratulations!!

  45. I love you both so much, you have become one of my favorite actress, then when you dance your so gracefull, your brother has always been my favorite pro on the show. Its not just because of the way he seems to glide across the floor, but Its in his whole body,his face,I can tell he still and hopefully always will LOVE what he’s doing! GOD BLESSED YOU BOTH , LOVE KRISTINE HEGLIN

  46. So amazing! I lOVED this dance! My 11 year old daughter still talks about it! She loved it as well. You both are brilliant! *LOVE*

  47. What I find amazing is actually the relationship that you have with your brother. I too have a brother and it’s such an un breakable bond. You display that bond so beautifully when you dance together! I don’t have a sister so I don’t know what that relationship is like but for me, my brother is one of the most important people in the world! 🙂 well done the dance was incredible!!

  48. Just saw your “Move” performance at the Fox Theatre in Detroit on Saturday night. Loved, loved ,loved it!! So fabulous! You and Derek were outstanding! Please come back to Detroit again next year so I can see your show again. So happy you are a judge on DWTS, really missed you when you left dancing. Really hope you dance at least once a season like you did when you first started judging. Loved that dance!! Thank you to you and Derek for being such talented entertainers and it is such a pleasure to watch you!!

  49. I just saw this for the first time. I can’t even begin to explain what it made me feel! And how much it made me miss dancing. You are your brother are both so insanely talented!

  50. you guys are the best, amazing dance you should be back dancing on the show you belong there, wanted to ask you what you thought of Bindi and Derek, tks

  51. When I watched it, it seemed like you were parents and the children(which were “yours”) would copy their “parents” always fighting, either way it was very beautiful, and there was great choreography.

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