My Favorite Moment: Dancing With The Stars Halloween Week

It was Halloween week on DWTS and the truth is, there was no favorite moment because the entire show was my favorite! The special effects were great except they used so much smoke to create a spooky effect we were all coughing throughout the show. It was pretty funny. I loved the videos of the dancers and celebrities getting scared. Tom’s co-host, Leah Remini got so scared that she just dropped to the floor! It was hilarious!

The Halloween theme and vibe was certainly strong in that ballroom. I have to give major props to the hair and makeup department, wardrobe department, crew and entire production. They did a spectacular (spooktacular!) job. Mary Guerrero is the department head for hair, Zena Shteysel for make-up, Howard Sussman for wardrobe. You guys were amazing tonight!

I will say, I was really sad about Hayes leaving tonight. I don’t think it was his time to go. It just goes to show you really do need to vote!

Did you watch? Have you been voting??

Photo credit: ABC/Adam Taylor

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  1. This is a great season! I really like everyone, but I have a special place in my heart for Bindi. Her attitude is infectious!

  2. I am not a fan of Halloween, but I was so excited for this show! I think this has been a spooktacular season. This is when the judging gets more difficult and I know for me, there isn’t anyone that I want to see leave the show.

  3. I loved Halloween’s Episode!!!! Fav part… Hmmmm! Sasha scaring everyone and TeamCrikey dancing!!!! Also I loved seeing you Jules having so much fun!! ❤️

  4. Halloween night was so great!! I enjoyed every moment of it. I definitely agree that the hair, makeup and wardrobe department did a wonderful job. I have my favorites I vote for each week. I am super excited for next Monday. I love DWTS!! 🙂

  5. I love the Halloween show, not so much for the songs (because some of them are really freaky) but because of Sasha and his scaring skills. Easily my favorite part of the show. It’s nice though that it seems the Halloween spirit starts early and everyone, eventually, gets a good laugh. I’m amazed the judges saw anything with the insane amount of smoke being used. I get it was spooky, but that was a little much. I guess they really got into the Halloween spirit too.

    I wasn’t a fan of Hayes in the beginning, but as his dancing skills grew his presence grew on me too. I think starting this this past week, it’s going to be hard to lose anyone. This group of top 8 dancers are really in a tight race. I think that’s why, for me, both team dances were so great. They had different themes and approaches but both were great quality and that’s a testament to the pros and how they have been working with their celebrity partners.

  6. In France it’s a bit difficult to vote , but once I found the link, I do … I try to follow the show on Youtube, and Bindi and Derek were spectacular !
    And it’s a shame for Hayes , indeed …

  7. What a fun show that was! The Team Nightmare dance was also my favorite part of the night. It was awesome! I agreed with Bruno. I could totally see that being a part of a Broadway show. Halloween is so much fun. I hope we get a glimpse of your costume if you decide to dress up this year.
    Maybe we could all share our costumes as well. Just a thought. 😉

  8. I was so sad to see Hayes go! I absolutely loved him. On the upside I loved the Halloween show. So creative and spectacular!

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