My Favorite Moment: Dancing With The Stars Week 2

My favorite moment from last night’s Dancing With The Stars was having my oldest sister Sharee at the show! During my sissy’s visit we squeezed in some fun at the beach, got our sweat on in an intense workout, got ready for the Emmy’s and of course watched the magic happen on the ballroom floor.

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I’m going to miss her so much! How did you guys enjoy the show? What was your favorite moment?

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  1. Love Dancing with the Stars! I’m addicted! Can’t wait till tonights episode.
    Hey Julianne…I have a really random question…Is there any way you could tell me the lights that y’all used in the opening light dance on the Move Live on Tour? (The one that you danced with the lights in your hands with the house lights off to the song, “Tsunami”.) My team is doing something like that and I want to use those lights. If you could tell me that would be great! If not, no worries. I will figure something out! Thanks so much!! Love the blogs btw! Super fun learning more about you and see what life is like!

  2. My favorite part of the Dwts show form yesterday was Derek’s and Bindi’s performance! Also watching all the stars talk about their hometowns was really touching! Loved seeing you have fun! Your dress was ??? So cute Lexi and Harley in this picture ????

  3. It was a great show! My favorite performances were Alexa’s and Bindi’s. I thought the ladies killed it last night. Girl power! 😀

  4. My favorite show! I woke up early this morning to finish the episode from last night! I hope you enjoyed your visit with your sister 🙂

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