My Favorite Moment: Dancing With The Stars Week 6

My favorite moment on Dancing With The Stars last night was… hmmmmm let me think about it… what could it be?? OH YEAH — OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN (AHHHHHHH!) I was incredibly honored to sit next to Olivia (can I call her Olivia?) at the judges table.

Grease has been my favorite musical since always! It actually inspired me to become an entertainer. I’m still pinching myself over the fact that I have the opportunity to play Sandy in Grease Live on Fox on January 31.

You can imagine how surreal it was sitting beside her. I’ll always remember last night!

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  1. I was siting watching Dancig With The Stars and I told my mom ” hey, two sandys!! ” and I said ” watch, watch….tomorrow she will post that sitting next to Olivia Newton-John!!! ” and also said how you were most likely so thankful that you got to talk to her again because you said in an interview that you were so starstruck you didn’t say like anything!!! ( like how I was with you ) I’m so happy for you Julianne … That you got to see her!!!

  2. Two absolutely incredible women. And I’m sure Olivia was just as honored to be sitting next you, The Amazingly Talented Julianne Hough. ?

  3. ONJ is amazing, how about Kira in Xanadu?! You could do a new one, too bad Mr. Gene Kelly isn’t here to dance in it too 🙁 How cool to hang with her Julianne! Aloha

  4. That’s how I was when I met you! Grease is the best and I can’t wait to see you play sandy on grease!! I’m glad you had a great time meeting Olivia last night.

  5. Yes! How exciting and surreal it must have been to have met Olivia Newton- John! You also make the perfect Sandy, though, and I can’t wait for the live show in January! 😀

  6. By any chance could you tell me who makes the black and white block dress the night you judged with Olivia Newton John? I love that dress. You looked amazing. I’ve been searching & can’t find the info. ☀️☀️🙏

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