My Favorite Moment: Dancing With The Stars Week 9

My favorite DWTS moment from last night was when I got to dance, of course! It’s crazy to think before tonight, I hadn’t danced on the show since last season. I cannot express enough how much of a thrill it was to be back on that stage! What an honor to be part of Allison and Riker’s dance, too. I am still overcome with the excitement and adrenaline that comes with sweeping across the ballroom floor. Also very moving was Len’s beautiful and touching performance. I didn’t expect to have such an emotional night. It truly was special.

What did you guys think?

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  1. What an amazing and emotional night! You three CRUSHED that dance! It is always a pleasure watching you dance, but last night was even better because we got to see a different dynamic. I hope you don’t wait as long next time to get back on the dance floor!

  2. It was great seeing you back on the dance floor, I wish you would dance more on the show. For me the most moving moment of last nights episode was Len’s dance with Derek and Nastia. I teared up more than once during the show listening to everyone’s stories, and watching their dances, (and that proposal!) but Len’s dance had me full on crying. Probably one of my favorite moments ever on DWTS!

  3. So, was it just me or did Dancing With The Stars turn in to Dancing with the Tears last night???!!! OMG, I was all choked up while all of Rumer’s family and friends talked about how cruel classmates and media were to that poor girl… and then when her mom was bursting with motherly love I was downright crying… I finally composed myself during her amazing 50 shades of Gray dance and then the judges started their commentary and I was all a blubber again… we all have our stories but this girl really has overcome so much… and although I don’t think it is appropriate for the judges to involve themselves with the performances, it did open my eyes to why they judge the way they do… obviously they are not all talk… very talented… loved Bruno’s Black Swan… Len’s story unfolding of course hits home as we are all getting older and finding out our bodies don’t always cooperate with some of the simple things we did so easily most of our lives… I hope Derek didn’t sacrifice himself, but so very touching that he felt compelled to do justice to one of his childhood mentors… Carrie Ann really brought out the best of Noah and it was nice to see Julianne dance again we all know how talented she is, and of course Riker nailed both dances… technically Nastia is really good, but I just don’t feel it for her… not sure what it is but I find her a little disconnected from everything… how sweet was Noah’s proposal… I hope he didn’t do it last night because he thinks it’s his last show… truth is I had a very hard time voting… I want them all to win… this is going to be a great finale..

  4. Jules, it was lovely to see you dance again. Your journey from the first season is a remarkable story of endless success, of course achieved through hard work. The reason I love you and your brother is that your marvelous talent is matched with humility and kindness; such a rarity these days. Also, your style team nailed it. I am sure that many more doors opened for you last night because you looked astoundingly gorgeous. This red lip, long blond hair, and red dress. Holy Hotness!

  5. I absolutely LOVED seeing you Dance again! There is something about the way you dance that is just awesome, your facial expressions are amazing!!! Loved Loved it!! We need to see you dance more!!!! 🙂

  6. It always amazes me how I can be moved to tears by music, movement, and energy. I appreciate how you always critique with kindness. Your words seem genuine. I also appreciate how humble Derek is. When he is given accolades, he redirects the compliment to his partner. Beautiful qualities. As someone who wouldn’t have the guts to be on live T.V. and/or dance, I am so inspired and in awe of those who do. I enjoy watching a T.V. show that moves me emotionally and makes me smile.

  7. Your dance with Riker and Allison was incredible. Strong, beautiful, creative, sexy, exciting – it had it all. You have always been one of my favorite dancers so it was so fun to see you back on the floor and your addition to the judges has been fantastic. My entire family was brought to tears by the Semi-Finals – what an emotional show!!! We have watched DWTS almost every season and this one has been so special there has just been something about it. You are an amazing young woman – keep doing what you’re doing!!

  8. Although Len’s dance with Nastia and Derek was emotional, I always love seeing you dance. You are an inspiration to dancers worldwide. You are my all-time fav professional dancer in the world.

  9. I was so excited to see you back on the dance floor! You three were awesome! This has been a great season. The only problem is that I’m torn and don’t know who to vote for because everyone is awesome! Can’t wait for the freestyle dances! Hope to keep seeing you on the dance floor from time to time, Julianne. 🙂

  10. That episode was one of the best ones I’ve ever seen! Noah was so incredible, especially proposing to his girlfriend! His dancing was incredible and so inspiring to watch! His waltz touched me when he danced to “Time of My Life” by David Cook. He killed that paso! Nice job Carrie Ann for making him a dancer! Rumer was beautiful, as always. Her Viennese Waltz was beautiful and gorgeous! Her contemporary to Swan Lake was jawdropping. Excellent Bruno! She got that lift! I mean, I was speechless! Riker, what can I say? One of his best performances! His contemporary dance was filled with raw emotion and to one of my favorite Hoizer songs! I wanted to be out there and dance with him. It touched me as well! You were absolutely stunning and it was so exciting to see you on the dance floor again! And Nastia, she was my favorite contestant of this season! her Quickstep was glowing and sparkling with joy! Especially to “Felling Good” by Christina Grimmie. I am in love with her! And what can I say about that last dance? It was so emotional and Len’s story was trully touching. When Len and Nastia were dancing together, it really got me. I started bawling! And what a surprise to see that Derek and Nastia were dancing together again! And they truly connected from that dance! It was beautiful to witness. Wish that she didn’t get eliminated, though. But the whole show that night was truly special! I love this show so much and I hope to be on that show as a professional one day and take home the mirrorball trophy!

  11. I miss you dancing along side with your brother (and Mark too) and it was awesome to see you dance with your cousin Riker… I did get to see you and Derek in SLC this summer and had so much fun I didn’t want it to end… and I hope that you’ll do another Move Live Tour 3 next year too.

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