Glitz & Glamour: My Holiday Makeup Tips

Holiday parties are always the best parties, and one of my favorite things is having the opportunity to kick things up a notch with my makeup. A holiday soiree isn’t your typical cocktail or dinner party, so it’s perfectly acceptable — encouraged, even! — to rock a bold lip or bring that wingtip eyeliner out a little bit further. To me, a classic Christmas look consists of any or all of the following: a modest sparkly eye with bat-worthy lashes, glowing skin, and a brightly painted pout.

Achieving this look is easy! You don’t need a whole arsenal of tools. You can use what you have already, and add in a piece here or there for the perfect party-worthy collection.

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Matte Foundation
Combat shine and conceal redness by starting with a clean, matte foundation. I suggest the matte base because you’ll want less shine to compete with the sparkle of what’s on your eyes and cheekbones.

Eye Liner
I’m a fan of a clean, thin line just along the edge of your lashes, with a fun little kick at the edge. Wingtips are way easier when you’re using a liquid or gel-based liner.

Shimmering Shadow
Since we are going strong with the lips, I look for a quieter eye shadow. But since this is a holiday party we’re talking about, I’d take things up notch with a glamorous sparkle in a metallic tone.

When applied just below the brow bone and subtly over the tops of the cheeks, highlighter opens up your eyes and brightens your look overall, giving you that healthy, holiday glow.

Cheat: don’t have highlighter? No problem! Use a shimmering white, nude or champagne eyeshadow, and dab it along the same areas listed above.

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Red Lipstick
There’s something magical about rocking a red lip. I mean, sure — it makes your teeth look whiter and also somehow makes your skin look brighter, but it’s the way it makes you feel. Wearing the perfect shade of red gives me extra confidence, and is the perfect touch to an extra-special holiday look.

If you’re not feeling the full-on commitment of a bright lipstick (remember there will likely be maintenance), go for a berry-hued gloss or balm. It’s all about feeling comfortable in your own skin and like an even more glamorous version of you!

PS: You can see I come by my love of a red lip naturally. Love you, mom! ❤️

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  1. Looking gorgeous as always, Julianne! Some of my favorite things about the holidays include wearing red and bringing on the sparkles! I also love wearing winter white maybe because it reminds me of snow. 🙂

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