After 6 years I decided to take 'the plunge' and dye my hair red! The truth is, I've always felt like a redhead. After Brooks and I got married, I started to feel like I was really stepping into a new version of myself. A more grounded, powerful, natural, self-loving woman. I didn't decide to dye my hair red so that I would feel different. I felt different, so I wanted my appearance to reflect what I was feeling inside. I have to admit something to you- I was scared to dye my hair red for a long time. I was worried that people wouldn't associate ME with a hair color other than blonde. I was letting other people's perception of me take priority over what I wanted. I know we're just talking about hair here, but a big hair transformation is a great metaphor for accomplishing anything worthwhile: understand that it's a process. It takes commitment, patience, and maintenance.


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