Nail Art DIY: Chevron

For years the chevron pattern has been a consistent trend in fashion and home décor. I appreciate that it’s simple, chic, and playful all at once. Whether a black and white rug or multi-color cardigan, these stripes just say ‘good time’ to me!

Nail artist and industry expert Tracylee Percival created a cute take on chevron for our fingertips, and she’s sharing her step-by-step instructions here, just for us!

Two-Toned Chevron Nail DIY

two toned chevron 2

1. Using a nail color (brown seen here), polish one corner of the nail, to form a triangle shape. If you don’t have a steady hand, you can use tape. Place the tape on the nail to make the straight line.

two toned chevron 1

2. Next, using a (we used a grey-beige) nail color, complete the chevron on the other side of the nail (making a smaller triangle) I find it easier to use a detail art brush for this step.

two toned chevron 3

3. Seal your design with a long wearing top coat.

Will you be trying on this trend?

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Julianne Hough

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  • Agustina Castro

    Good idea!! When I paint my nails (not usually bc I am not allowed to have them done in high school) I mostly use just one colour! But this is a great option as well!! Thank you Jules!! ?

  • Christina

    Very cute, and I like how subtle it is! 🙂

  • Natiiii

    Cool Idea 🙂