Nail Color Trends For Spring

Like fashion, winter manicure colors are all about warmth. During the colder months I’ll sport a deep, dark red or an edgy, sharp black, but now that we are heading into a fresh and bright spring season, I am ready to switch things up. New York Fashion Week is obviously the indicator for fashion trends, but it’s also the best place to check out makeup and nail trends for the coming seasons.

Many of the runway models’ manicures featured nails in metallic hues and subtle sparkles. Those words might conjure up visions of bedazzled madness that would have made your pre-teen self shriek, “YES!” but don’t panic — these shiny lacquers are all grown up.

Usually, I opt for more subdued nail shades but this season I might be seeing sparkles. Will you be following this trend? Here are some of the shades straight from the runway. Get creative with them and let me know what you come up with!

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  1. I am the most boring person when it comes to nails. I always have them coloured but I am going with a soft metallic colour for ages now. Great to hear I am back en vogue ?.

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