Sparkle Your Way Into The New Year

My extremely talented friend and stylist Anita Patrickson knows a thing or two (million, that is) about finding unique and stunning clothing pieces and accessories. Anita generously took a beat from composing New Years Eve ensembles for her best-dressed clients and compiled a list of sparkling must haves just for us! I love how playful and frilly each piece is.

What will you all be wearing when the clock strikes midnight? Which of these pieces inspire you?



Graziela Gems • Rose Starburst Ring
These star pieces are fun and festive but they can also be worn all year round with anything and everything! From day to night this ring is the perfect accessory. And what better way to ‘ring’ in the new year than treating yourself to a little


Miu Miu • Metallic Bralette
Show off in all the right ways! Add a little peek-a-boo element to your look with this fun metallic bra. Pair with a sleek, structured, black tuxedo and black pointy pumps and expect to turn some heads this new years eve!


J Crew • Sequin Sandals
Can you imagine having happy feet on new year?! Well, there’s a first time for everything! Chunky, midi heels are in! Comfortable and chic all rolled into one.
Pair with cute shorts for a subtle and sexy new years look!


Edie Parker • Stars and Stripes Clutch
This is the perfect addition to any look. Jazz up your party look on new years eve and then dress up jeans and a tee by wearing it as a cross body bag the day after!


TopShop • Fringe Top
If ever there was a top that was made specifically for New Year’s Eve… this is it! Pair it with a tight, black, over-the-knee leather pencil skirt and some sky high strappy heels and you’re ready to celebrate 2016 in style!

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  1. Love the bag! Nothing better to add than a little glitz and glam! Hope your New Year’s Eve is great and your new year is greater 🙂

  2. I love me some sparkle! Great outfit ideas! I have a pink sparkly dress I’m going to wear even though we’re probably just going to eat Mexican food, and then come home. haha Happy New Year to everyone! 🙂

  3. Well I am not someone who is all too fond of NYE. So I usually babysit my pets when the firework starts. In general I like that starburst ring and the shoes!!! That is the best combination in shoes – comfy and chic! Here we go.

  4. Awww jules did u think of me when you wrote this cuz I LOVE SPARKLES! and my ultimate fav is the sparkly fringe top! I saw this blog late so didn’t get to wear it on New Years but next Party I go to I might just check it out! Thank you Anita! You are truly talented and a fashion queen!

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