Our Adventures In… Packing!

Brooks and I were over-the-moon excited to book a trip to Africa. Both of us have always dreamed about going on an African safari. Brooks was especially wanting to see Victoria Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world.


Before we left, we snapped pics of our complete outfits not only for fun but also to stay organized. When you have photos to reference what shoes go with what pants and what top, you’ll spend less time figuring out your outfit and more time enjoying your vacation!






Since this trip was a bucket list item for both of us, it felt significant. I knew it would be especially memorable, more so than any other trip we’d taken together so far. I considered the photos we’d be taking in Africa and I knew we’d treasure them forever, so with that in mind, I really wanted our family and future children to have great photos of us — photos we would reflect on for the rest our our lives. To me, that meant leaving the workout gear at home.




Taking a look at Brooks’ closet, I realized his clothing options were limited to nice suits for hockey events and workout clothes. It took some MAJOR convincing on my end, but he got into it once we got started. We both picked up some great pieces that we’ll definitely wear at home, too.




Can you tell he wasn’t quite sure about this exercise? That’s how you know he’s a great guy — anything to make me happy! 🙂


I’m so glad we stepped up our wardrobe for this getaway! The photos we took wouldn’t have done our trip justice had we been too casual. What do you think? Do you like to pre-plan before you pack??

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  1. I ALWAYS pre-pack! Mostly with a list and sometimes photos way ahead to help me remember, but photos are a great idea to have with you on the trip! What brand are your nude sandals and denim cutoffs? Love and need!

  2. That’s a really great idea about taking pictures of outfits. I usually am just throwing various pants and tops of some kind and not paying attention to what will go with what and plan an outfit before going to sleep. Pre-planning for me usually involves creating a list of items to pack in a suitcase or duffel bag (depending on the location) and then my backpack which is usually the bag that goes with me everywhere. Plus I have a list of all the last minute things I need, like electronic chargers, keys, money, etc.

  3. Love the idea and the fun outfits! Now, I would really love to know where you picked up the olive wool fedora safari hat — I’ve been looking for one for our summer camping trips.

  4. Your style is impeccable….I love the boho style! My favorite outfits is the striped dress and the one with the green jacket!

  5. Loving all these outfits!!!! Can you do a post where you tell us how your pick ur outfits? I’m trying to be a fashionista but putting together an outfit does not come naturally. Do u have any tips?

  6. Jules I loved all your looks and it’s a great idea to have exact options and outfits ready! Must do for my next trip.

    But could you please post links of where you got most items from all your outfits??! I love the sandals and the blue striped dress!!

    Please let us know! thank you!!

  7. My favorite trip from traveling around the world is Africa!! We did Tanzania and Kenya for over a month. Loved all the animals and the people!!

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