A Fall Baby Shower: Celebrating My Niece Avery

My family is thrilled to be celebrating the arrival of my sister Katherine and her fiance TJ’s sweet baby girl, Avery! To celebrate, my sister Marabeth pulled off yet another unbelievable event in Nashville. The baby shower was a fall pumpkin theme, which was perfectly adorable. I got assigned the awesome task of being a mixologist. With a little help from an online search, I whipped up a Pumpkin Pie Punch, and I'm sharing the delicious recipe below. These were delicious! Marabeth decked out the house in hay bales, custom baby onesies, and set the dining tables in roses and

Sleep Tight: 6 Tips To Get Your Best Sleep Ever

It’s a fact: getting a solid 7-8 hours of sleep is good for you. We know being better rested not only makes us more mentally clear and physically energized for whatever the next day brings, but what might surprise some is how much our skin, mood, weight, immunity and even memory benefits from catching those all-important ZZZs. Not all sleep is quality sleep, however. The goal is to reach a deep, deep slumber, otherwise known as REM. There are lots of things we can do to encourage a successful snooze! Below are some of my six best tips for creating

Everything You Need To Do If Your Pet Is Missing

A few days ago, Brooks and I found an adorable dog on the side of the road near our home. The little guy didn’t have any tags on, so there wasn’t a number to call. Of course I immediately thought about Lexi and Harley -- what would I do if the unthinkable happened? What would I do if one of them was lost? They both have microchips, but what if they didn’t get picked up by someone who knew what to look for? After speaking to several animal specialists, I learned that even the best of behaved dogs are curious

Get the Look: Sugar and Spice

I really, really enjoy digging through my closet or exploring a store to find perfect pairings of pieces that inspire me. Not only is fashion fun, it is also an excellent opportunity for self-expression. Since getting married, I’ve never felt sexier or more feminine. I find myself drawn to delicate things in materials like lace or satin. I love the way I feel when I’m head-to-toe in super-femme finds. To me, this outfit is the perfect combination of sexy, soft, and strong. The white lace, high-neck elongated sleeves are a throwback to the ultra-feminine days of corsets and hoop skirts.

5 Tips For Healthy Tailgating

Fall has arrived, which means it is officially tailgating season. Regardless of your sport of choice, tailgating typically comes along with plenty of food to enjoy while waiting for the big game to begin, and let’s be honest, sometimes the food is more exciting than the game itself! With that in mind, here are a few practical ways to stay on track while enjoying the game, the company, AND the food! Top 5 tips for Healthy Tailgating 1. Be Prepared This means not showing up to the event ravenous and ready to eat anything in sight. Skipping meals to “save

Ask Jules: On Chasing Your Dreams

Often when we look at a personal or career goal it seems the hardest part is getting started. It’s difficult not to get stuck focusing on the obstacles in our way. I believe it’s essential to redirect our energy into finding a way under or around those roadblocks. I forwarded this email from Elena to my friend Allie Kingsley, a writer who overcame her own obstacles to get to where she is today. Hopefully it inspires more than a few of you aspiring wordsmiths out there! xo Jules Hey Jules, My name is Elena. Ever since I was 13, my

Get the Look: Flower Power

I love the way this outfit makes me feel -- it's somehow both comfortable and fashionable. With fall right around the corner, throwing a denim jacket over whatever fun summer pieces I'm not ready to put away is going to be my go-to move. If you like this look as much as I do, I have all the details (and similar looks for less!) below. flower dress | denim jacket | sandals | sunglasses !function(d,s,id){var e, p = /^http:/.test(d.location) ? 'http' : 'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)) {e = d.createElement(s); = id;e.src = p + '://' + '' + '/js/shopthepost.js';d.body.appendChild(e);}if(typeof window.__stp === 'object') if(d.readyState

4 Ways To Celebrate Family Fitness Day

Family Fitness Day is this Saturday, September 30th, and even though there are a lot of silly holidays out there (looking at you, National Donut Day), I love this special day purposed to promote family involvement in physical fitness. My family famously loves to choreograph dances and do other physical activities together but often our schedules get in the way, as they do with many families. We're taking this day as an opportunity to plan something awesome together! To inspire other families to follow suit, I've listed below some of the ways my family (and chosen family!) choose to be

My Dream Wayfair Wedding Event

When it came to decorating for our wedding, Brooks and I truly strived to make everyone feel like home. Much like our own home, we had visions of natural colors and mixed textures with an earthy, comfortable vibe. Many of the items we have at our house were purchased on Wayfair, so we figured that was a great place to start. We were able to find practically everything we had in mind for the dinner party! They had the right oversized pillows for seating, soft throws, table decorations, and more that we needed to make our dreams a reality. Besides

The Importance of a Girlfriends’ Getaway

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take the ultimate girls' trip with some of my lifelong friends. We all met in high school, and we’ve managed to stay closely connected even through all of life’s adventures. We usually only get to see each other during the holidays back in Salt Lake City, but we often fantasize about taking a vacation somewhere great. After eleven years of saying ‘we should’… it finally happened! For our getaway, we cruised up to Alaska -- definitely uncharted territory for most of us. We visited Ketchikan, Juneau, Tracy Arm Fjord, and Skagway.
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