Party Planning Like A Pro

When it came to planning my engagement party, I turned to the event executor extraordinaire, Troy Williams of Simply Troy. His parties are always beautifully done, original, extremely thoughtful and most importantly — fun!

We discussed that family & friends were the most important aspect to Brooks and myself when it came to the party. We wanted everyone to be comfortable, excited and have a great time. Our overall goal for the evening was to host a celebration filled with love, good food and cocktails.

The first step was locking down a space and I must say, Troy hit the jackpot when he secured Eric Buterbaugh Florals. It has a stunning rustic outdoor garden and a cool, glamorous indoor gallery. It felt like we were in someone’s beautiful home, which was exactly the vibe we were going for. Once Troy locked down the location, the inspiration started pouring out of him and the party really began to take shape.

Brooks and me with the incomparable Simply Troy!

“Once a couple gives you the feeling they are looking to evoke from their overall evening that’s usually the launching pad for me. I’m not going to suggest all indoor locations when I know that Brooks and Jules both love the beauty of the outdoors,” Troy says about his planning process.

The famous Eric Buterbaugh fragrances in action. I can’t even describe how amazing they smell.

Troy made our engagement party very “us” by incorporating several elements of our individual personalities. These small touches had a big impact when it came to feeling like this was our special event. Below are several takeaway tips from Simply Troy that you can use when planning your next special event!

Party Planning Tips from Simply Troy:

• We made sure to have several framed personal photos of the couple placed around the venue. Subtle touches like that always put smiles on the guests’ faces and remind everyone about the love that brought them there.



• Jules is a major lover of candy and Brooks is more of a healthy nut. Jules had made a funny comment about how she loves candy and Brooks loves carrots at our venue walk through. So we played off that and had bite-sized carrot cake desserts in honor of Brooks and to represent Jules, we got a beautiful crystal punch bowl and filled it with her favorite candy, Sour Patch Kids Watermelons. All the guests were enjoying their sugar rush and munching on those sweet treats the entire night!


• Brooks’ favorite color is light blue so we had beautiful cocktail glasses in that hue as a simple nod to him. We also had elegant rosé champagne glasses as a nod to Jules. The duo of glasses represented Jules and Brooks new life together becoming entwined with one another.

All photographer by Clint Easley, Peak Photography

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  1. This is amazing !!!! I’m so happy for you Julianne !!! I’m in school right now and class is about to start !!! I love you and please contact me !!! I’m a dancer and it’s my dream to dance with you and derek ! Love Alexa ?? ps my instagram is @_.alexa._14

  2. Julianne, I am new to social media and have attempted to comment 2x and would Love to tell you that “in my head,” I adopted you and Derek, years ago, also Mark B. Tell your gorgeous Mother and amazing Dad and fun Grandpa…..Kudos! You and Derek, remind me of our only (a “blondie” too), son, around your age….think Val Kilmer, on Top Gun, movie. He is an”active” military pilot, deployed 2x, whom we haven’t been able to see for almost 5 years….brutal!
    Our son, is amazing, Christian morals/values, fun, entertaining, and humble, like you two! I would Love you for an email pal. Severe, and some dire, life circumstances prevented me from seeing the “Move” tour. Perhaps you could do a movie of it, like Katy Perry’s, “A Piece of Me,” behind the scenes, personal life events, tour etc. on a 2-3 hour “Netflix,” or you tube, for those of us who missed it.
    Your HALLOWEEN dwts Dress, was it Monique Lhuillier? Your most “breathtaking,” ever. Take that dress and a combo of Carrie Underwood’s wedding dress, and you will have the fairytale, class, and style, you deserve, on your “special” day!
    Please email me sometime, will keep it confidential and I’ ve already sponsored USAFA elites, USA pageant winner, etc, so you can trust me. Email Roxy
    This is my 1st and Only email/note, to someone like you, just appreciate your morals, humility, excellent role model, and like me….Love helping others. It has helped me keep my mind off of multiple severe/dire, life circumstances, and as soon as my health permits, I will be out there, “in style,” again!
    Please email Roxy, if you are ever up late, and need to chat with someone who totally can relate to your interests and passions, in life! Especially “our doggies,” and our Brooks!
    P.S. remind me to tell you the Apollo story, the “Nashville,” story and also, sidebar….wo7ldn’t Derek and Taylor Swift make an excellent couple. She loves music, dance, family, old-fashioned values, is edgy, stylish, uner-talented, like your family….just saying.

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