The Secret To Perfect Pastel Locks

It was time to shake things up. So I went…


I love to experiment with my looks by way of beauty products, styling tools and sometimes even taking things a step further –- remember last year when I chopped off all my hair? It was a big, bold move but it was so worth it! It felt liberating not to hide behind all that hair. So why did I decide on the color pink this time? Because pink is the color of kindness!

Whenever I’m questioning anything to do with my tresses, I turn to beauty coach Riawna Capri. Last week, when I was thinking of switching up my hue, I reached out to her and this is what she had to say!

Riawna’s Three C’s of Hair Wisdom:

1. Commitment
How committed are you? Are you coloring your hair for some Coachella flair? Or did you go through a break up and you need to change your look (as well as) your life? To achieve those vibrant or pastel tones, the hair needs to be basically white blonde for it to look pretty. For most, it’s a fairly intense process.

If it’s for the weekend, I might suggest something like “tips” where we only dip the ends in color. If you’re an existing blonde you could also get a gentle semi-permanent rinse of color that’ll fade (possibly simultaneously) with your want for your tresses to be an unnatural hue.

2. Coiffure
Now if you’re thinking to yourself, “No, I really am a unicorn!” and you want to go for it roots to ends — I respect that. My best advice is to please see a professional. Keep in mind that all-over bleach will result in roots about every 4-6 weeks, so be ready for that touch up. Don’t embarrass your stylist by not keeping up your unicorn magic. This look can go from hot to hot mess really easily.

3. Color!
Let’s talk hues. Which one is right for you? The first things to consider are your skin tone, eye color and complexion. Also, do you wear a lot of makeup?

Something about purple hair and green eyes always works. Blue eyes can pull off pink so well. With brown eyes it really depends on skin tone, but they have the most potential to pull off all colors. A side note for you au natural ladies: you may feel the need to wear more makeup than usual with rainbow colored hair. Very few unicorns are able to pull off the undone/natural look.

For the record, I’m a huge fan of fun color. I just wanted to give you all some more information about what it takes! Just remember, YOLO, and if that’s what you want in your hair than get it… from a trusted professional.

The world can always be more colorful! 😉

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  1. Love this! I am in a very pink place right now and am all about the kindness challenge! Really inspiring (not just for hair )

  2. I couldn’t figure out the color of your dress last night on DWTS… gray? slate blue?… regardless, it was stunning and you looked beautiful!

  3. julianne, this is nothing short of self- destructive. they really should not have allowed this during the season. life is not about being cute; you have a major contract where you’re supposed to look respectable. this is cute if you’re hanging out in the mall, not on a major network show.

    1. OMG chill out. Her coloring her hair has NOTHING to do with her ability to judge celebrities dancing. You don’t know what her contract says or doesn’t. She’s a grown adult and can make her own choices. MANY celebs her age have pastel color hair.

    2. Thank goodness nobody cares what you’re opinion of cute or respectable is, Reena 🙂 Otherwise the world would be a rather sad and rude place.

  4. Julianne, we thought that last night you looked absolutely stunning – one of the most outstanding looks we’ve seen on DWTS ever – a young Grace Kelly! And you spoke with such kindness and sensitivity – no matter what color your hair is, your heart and internal beauty is always reflected. We love you, Your Divas

  5. No doubt you are beautiful, but this is a shocking choice for someone who wants to be employed. What working actress has pink hair?I am sad that you stylist did this to you. You were so poised and mature when you first came on DWTS- I wonder why the need to behave childlike publicly. You long golden locks opened many, many profitable doors.

    1. because it’s her life. If she wants to have hair that is different, then that shows she has personality and a character that can’t be tamed by being on tv. Also, it’s just hair, it can be changed back and will grow out. She looks beautiful.

    2. I can name plenty of singers/actresses that have stepped out with pink hair. I Also would tell you that long blonde hair doesnt get someone as far as talent and hardwork. I am sad for you to have such focus on such temporary things.

          1. Gwen Stefani, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, the Kardashians… and yes Pink is still “Happening”. But the term “Happening” not so much.

          2. Gwen Stefani made her millions as a blond, darling. Helen Mirren is the face of a new hair brand. Katy Perry made her millions as a brunette..the rest are not exactly happening. Kate Hudson hasn’t been in a movie for years. Don’t dish it out…..

          3. Wow… im truly shocked by the amount of effort people are putting into tearing down something that has absolutely nothing to do with them. @Jules, i love the hair and hope to embrace what it stands for #KindnessChallenge…

    3. What a sad life you must live to believe that color is “childlike”.

      An enormous number of people on this earth dye their hair fun colors and manage to create a fulfilling life for themselves despite awful people like yourself judging them. All they need to do is find an employer who is not a pompous ass. Luckily the world is full of good, kind people who aren’t nearly as horrible as you, Lisa.

      FYI: I have green hair and work for a prominent human rights organization. I’ve somehow managed to get hired and keep this job for the past six years despite my fantastic taste in hair colors. Imagine that.

      1. You work with people who have no other hope in life; no where else to turn. You’re not showing up in court, performing surgery, or gracing a cover of a magazine with your green hair. Eccentricity has a place. Her looks were a huge part of her appeal in getting hired.The point, I imagine, that the person was attempting to make is that no one who is bankable desecrates their image like this. If you look at the colored hair stars- they are nothing more than c level .

        1. Just for the record, I work with Congressmen, Ambassadors, authors, and filmmakers. You don’t know me, and you certainly don’t know this celebrity. Judge your own choices because those who judge others on appearance are “c level” human beings.

          I Won’t be responding any further, so have a great day! I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!

          1. Brittany, i don’t know your role in your job, but if you do work with or for people who have “no other hope in life” i truely admire your work! Lets all have a great Friday people!

        2. I am 45, successful and work in a professional office (legal field) and currently have purple hair. I change my hair color all the time. It’s an expression of who I am and my clients love it. So how about not judge a book by its cover.

  6. Wow. Some of these comments.
    It’s amazing to see how many people really care so much that they have to comment in such a negative way. Her hair color isn’t ruining your life. It’s not ruining anyone else’s life. It’s her life and her hair and she can do whatever she likes. Stop trying to tell other people what to do with their lives and work on living your own. This is the 21st Century and the fact we still deal with this, and these types of attitudes from people, makes me a sad father of 2 growing sons.

  7. I loved the bleach blonde and I want to get that coloring done but you pull off the pink fabulously. At first I didn’t like it but now that I read the reasoning it makes sense. You’re a fabulous person.

  8. Do you remember the night your won an award in that gold Zuhair Murad dress?! A human being could not be more stunning.It seemed like every door opened to you. Nothing short of a goddess

      1. …people manifest issues in various ways . no doubt she has been vocal about hers. but, yes, a blond jules–wow! this one is adorable in a kiddish way. there is a disney pic this week……lol
        if only the color were blond lol

        1. Unless you’re a baby billionaire, or have a treasure trove of Holiday Gems, employers frown on the waste of time…lol

          1. if you think adorable is insulting that is your issue. wasting time is better than being a waste of space……

          2. Get out of that employee mentality; take initiative and do something (other than lecture strangers , honey)

  9. So true about the makeup! I noticed the same thing when I cut my hair into a pixie. I suddenly felt like I wanted to wear a bit more makeup and dress a touch more feminine. It’s great that you mentioned that because a lot of people don’t!

  10. Your hair looks gorgeous! And I totally agree, YOLO so make the most of YO life (lol my terrible word play right there…)

  11. I rocked bright pink hair for a couple years and still miss it sometimes. I colored my hair pink for breast cancer awareness month originally and loved it enough to continue with the upkeep. I loved waking up and seeing the pink out of the corner of my eye, always made for a brighter day. 🙂 It’s sad that we still judge people based on their appearance. Life is too short, so be bold and do what makes your soul happy! My old hair… don’t judge my roots! lol

  12. Hey Jules, for a second I was like OH MY GOD , but now I think your new hair color is pretty cool. I also love your short hair, because it looks more fresh and in my opinion the long hair hides your beautiful face. Now I think I’m going to cut my hair too.

  13. You recently gave an interview where you said you had cut your hair off because you needed a new start and new life; I hope you get through whatever you’re going through in tact. I anticipate the old, classic golden locks are coming for Grease…look forward to seeing you back on track. I hope you didn’t get in trouble at ABC.

  14. I’ve been pink for about a year and a half now. I’m naturally a really dark brunette, grey eyes, warm skin tone….but hot pink is really my color. I absolutely love it and I get compliments everywhere I go. Way to go, Jules!

  15. Kool-Aid. My teenagers used it for fun, temporary color. It probably works best on blondes. Here’s how: Buy a bunch of packets of Kool-Aid mix, which cost almost nothing. Wet your hair. Separate out a strand at a time. Take some of the mix in your hand, add enough water to make a paste, and soak the strand with it. Then roll or crunch it up separately; we used aluminum foil to keep the strand separate and moist for awhile. Note that you can use all different colors over your head, whatever you want. It will wash out in one or two shampoos. Might make for colorful bath or pool water. Have fun!

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