A Perm-anent Solution

When it comes to my hair, you all know how big a fan I am of loose beachy waves. I appreciate the maybe I woke up like this, maybe I didn’t look they have while being a little too strategic to be straight out of bed. The truth, as we know, is that falling somewhere between straight and curly takes a little more than a dip in the Pacific. There are heated tools and products involved. Ironically it takes some work to look effortless.

Six years ago, I thought — what about getting a beachy perm? That was, after all, what we did to maintain curls years and years ago. “No way, no how,” said my friend and stylist Riawna Capri. She didn’t want to damage my hair with harsh chemicals. Fair enough.

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Being the hair genius she is, Riawna was able to work out a way for me to get the perm I’ve been wanting while maintaining the integrity of my hair! Now I can say, I really did wake up like this! My get ready time has significantly decreased and I’ve never loved my beachy tresses any more than I do now.

What do you guys think? Are you willing to try a perm?

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  1. Wanted to comment on the beach wave perm. Love that look. I have SUPER long hair. I just was wondering if perhaps you knew from your hair dresser if the perm would hold in my hair? I would also like to know what solution would be safe on my hair.

  2. Can you share what product she used? I have heavy highlighted hair as well and have always loved that beach wave look. Thank-you!

  3. Love love love it! What size were the rods Riawna used? If I want to do this to my hair, what are some things I should ask my hairstylist for?

  4. Love it! But how did she figured out a way to do a perm the healthy way? Is it something everyone can achieve? Are there buzzwords to bring up to our hairdressers?

  5. I’m 22 and have been getting my hair permed about every 2 years since I was 15, I love it! I think it’s far less damaging to put chemicals in my hair once every few years, than consistently applying heat every single day. Love it!

  6. HI Jules !!!what’s the product we should use? I love your hair but what’s the product we should use? And you prefer meches o colour hair?

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