Not Your Average Ponytail: 3 Looks To Set You Apart

If you’ve got big Valentine’s Day plans coming up, you’ve got quite a bit to consider: what to wear, where to go, red lips vs gloss, the gift, the card, so on and so forth! Lucky for you and I both, my friends at Beauty Coach came through to make sure our hair will be one less thing we have to worry about. Their easy-to-do romantic looks are pure perfection, whether for a special date with your honey or for going out with the girls.

1. Twisted Top Knot:
Pull your hair into a high, super-tight ponytail and secure with an elastic. You can use water or even a drop of sculpting cream to help pull back your hair and get it super-sleek. Section the tail into two pieces and cross them around the base of the elastic to create a bun and secure with pins. Most importantly, leave an inch or two of your ends hanging out, and twist them so the tips face outward and upward. This is a key element to making a traditional top knot stand out!


2. The Ponytail Tuck:
Spray dry shampoo for texture and volume from roots to ends. Pull back hair and tie into a ponytail. Loosen the tail split in half to create a space between the band and scalp; take the tail and lift it up, then tuck it into the hole, pulling it through. It basically creates a twist effect atop the ponytail. Make sure to pull out some pieces on the sides so its looks effortless.


3. The Zig- Zag Low Knot:
A zig-zag pattern part sets this look aside, making a sleek back bun chic. Use a rat-tail comb to create a zig-zag part along the center of the head.

Smooth down, pulling sides tightly around your head and tie it back at the base of your neck into a little knot.


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Let us know how these amazing styles worked for you and show us your final look using the hashtag #BCxJules!

Hope your Valentine’s Day ends up being everything you hoped for and more!

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Julianne Hough

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  • laurajdake

    loved the zig zag on you!

  • Agustina Castro

    Thank you Jules! All of them are stunning but I think Id like to try the Ponytail Tuck this time! Thing is I have shoulder length hair but well I have two other cute options to try! I’ll make sure to use the hashtag when I do that! Big hug! ❤️

  • Natiiii

    Thank You i have to try this 🙂 I Love the The Ponytail Tuck 😀

  • Christina

    I had short hair for the longest time, but my hair has grown out just enough that I can do pony tails and buns. These are all really pretty! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, too, Julianne! 🙂

  • Julia Keane

    I’m horrible at doing my hair, but I love the zig zag one. I’ll have my cousin do it for me. ? hope u have a wonderful Valentine’s Day too. ??❤️❤️

  • Andrea

    The zig zag looks amazing. Amazing! The Ponytail is pretty too. But the twisted top not is not my thing. Not even on you (and I usually like everything you wear or do with your hair). #sorry