Rachel Roy’s Mother’s Day Style Tips

Rachel Roy is not only an incredible fashion designer and purveyor of style, she’s also a proud mom and daughter too. I love her philosophy for getting dressed with others in mind. I’m definitely going to consider this notion not only for Mother’s Day but any time I want to style myself for someone else’s smile!


Part of being a great daughter, an excellent mother, or even a good friend is finding ways to make the people we love feel appreciated. One of the ways I like to show my love is by considering their tastes and style when it comes to my wardrobe. Yes, you read that correctly!

For example, my youngest daughter loves pink and she loves when people are dressed up. So when I pick her up from school, I’ll often choose a fancier option than is required for errands because I know it will delight her.

When it comes to my older daughter, I’ll opt to wear something casual and cool when we have a mother-daughter movie date. I remember how proud I felt of my mother when she wore her camel trench coat with a brown faux snakeskin belt. I’d like to give my daughter the same sense of pride and tradition when it comes to me.

rachel and the girls

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate women who care for you, are consistent in your life, and who support and love you. Does she adore contemporary art? Wear an edgy, bold colored scarf to brunch and let her know it reminded you of her. Does she collect something quirky and fun? I’m sure there’s a printed collared shirt decorated with that item. On the same note, I’d steer clear of anything you know she might dislike. And, if she prefers a more conservative look, choose a hemline in her favor. Even if it’s not your first choice, go for it. It’s just a day, after all. Her day.

Keep in mind it’s not about what you’re wearing but rather the thought you put into it. Stay true to your personal style while adding little touches of hers. She’ll notice, and trust me — the joy that comes from taking someone’s feelings into consideration are tenfold!

Happy Happy Joy Joy to all mothers and mother figures of love,


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