This Tea Can Cure What Ails You

I look forward to the festive holiday season all year long. While traveling, gift giving, and perfecting passed down recipes can be so much fun, it can also be kind of stressful. Stressful situations make our immune system weaken while they’re working overtime. There’s nothing sadder than being sick over the holidays, so I like the idea of warming up and chilling out with this delicious tea that will keep you healthy throughout the season.

Ayurveda Practitioner Lois Leonhardi explains that Tulsi tea (also called “Holy Basil”) has been used by ancient cultures for its healing and rejuvenating qualities. Rich in antioxidants, it supports your immune system and digestive system. It’s naturally caffeine free so sipping the tea daily can help you feel — and even look — better.

Scientific studies have shown that Tulsi tea pushes your body toward health. This is because Tulsi is an “adaptogen”. Adaptogens improve your body’s ability to adapt to stress (i.e., a hectic schedule, heat or cold, high altitude, etc.). They give you strength, energy, stamina, endurance, and improve mental clarity.

Try Lois’ recipe and see for yourself!

• 1 teaspoon dried Tulsi tea leaves (or 1 tea bag)
• 1 thin slice fresh ginger, peeled
• 1 sprig fresh mint leaves
• 8 ounces boiling water

Combine all ingredients in a French tea press. Steep for 7 minutes. Press plunger. Strain into serving cup.


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