Ask Jules: Should You Eat Before Hitting The Gym?

For this week’s Ask Jules, I’m going to share a question I actually had for one of my favorite people, David Zint! David is a senior instructor and training officer at SoulCycle, as well as a personal trainer and life and motivational coach. He’s pretty much the coolest person all around. I’m so happy to have David sharing his advice today, but remember — always do what feels right for you and your body!


I am wondering what the absolute best breakfast would be before taking one of your morning classes or getting into an early intense cardio session? If I were taking a super early the-sun-just-came-up class, do I have to eat breakfast beforehand or can I wait until after?



You’ve made it past the snooze alarm. You have your favorite workout clothes on and you’re out the door ready to hit your favorite cardio class. But, you haven’t eaten a thing and believe that cup of coffee on the way will be all the fuel you need to pedal, dance, hot yoga, box jump, and burpee your way through class. You’ll burn more calories, right? You’ll lose more fat, right? Wrong and wrong.

First off, feeling sluggish is no way to maximize your workout in the morning, and skipping breakfast will do just that. Also, not eating before class will lead to low blood sugar, which means you’re at risk of becoming light headed or dizzy while you exert yourself.

When preparing for that 45-90 minute high intensity workout to start your day, you need to remember that carbs are your friend and having a mixture of simple and complex carbs will keep your body moving strong. Think: oatmeal and blueberries. Whole wheat toast with almond butter and sliced bananas. Complex carbs like oats slowly release into your bloodstream, which keeps your energy high and consistent. Adding fruits like a banana will add the necessary potassium your body will lose once you start sweating profusely.

You will feel better, perform better and recover faster if you give yourself the few extra minutes to eat and hydrate and set your body and consequently your day up for success by fueling your body and mind with a good breakfast.

See you in class!

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