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I meant it when I said I’m all for you guys sending challenges my way. Please do keep them coming because I’m always game (unless it has to do with elephant dung because been there, done that.) I love this email sent-in by Jess. She’s absolutely right — many of us take the time to learn new languages, and learning how to sign is just as important.

Hey Jules,

I love that you take every challenge into consideration because it shows how strong you are and how willing you are to anything. Anyways, I grew up with deaf parents but I am hearing. I had to learn sign language growing up in order to communicate with my parents. I notice that my parents, including other hearing impaired people have faced discrimination. There are a lot of people in our world who do not take the time to learn sign language. So my challenge for you is to learn sign language to show people that we have to work together and not discriminate people.

Thank you for being you!



I want to be able to say something kind to someone when the opportunity arises, so I learned how to sign, “I love you.”

Let’s all learn a few phrases in sign language so we can greet those who can’t hear and make them feel included! Share them on social and tag me so I can see how inspiring you all are. 🙂

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  1. This is so awesome! I learned sign language as a course in middle school. It defiantly helps to learn at least the basics for others who can’t hear. I hope more people look at deafness differently and learn that were all the same. We could lend our voice to those who don’t have one.

  2. I know sign language and only took it in college because I had taken other languages like Spanish and French and thought hey, why not, it’s another language. It takes a LOT of practice but anyone can learn (make sure your hand is always facing AWAY from you or you’re talking to yourself!), and “fingerspelling” is one way to be able to say ANYTHING if necessary. It’s cumbersome, but there are words there just aren’t signs for so learning the alphabet is one of the very first things taught in school. In American Sign Language it’s all the same letters that are in the English alphabet, and once you’ve mastered that you can spell ANYTHING!!!

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