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This website has given me such a great opportunity to communicate with my fans and discover new ideas and interests. I have not only learned more about you all, but I’ve also learned new things about myself! I feel it’s time to take things to the next level by opening up the lines of communication even more. Starting April 29th, on the last Friday of every month I’ll be sending out a special newsletter for those of you who sign up. I’ll never share your email address or information with anyone, so no need to worry about receiving random spam (at least not from me!).

By signing up, you’ll receive exclusive content, special announcements, and surprise giveaways only found in the newsletter. We’ll talk beauty, fitness, health, travel, trends and much, much more. If you’ve got a great idea, story, or question, feel free to send it my way by emailing me at I love hearing from you!

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photo credit: duane fernandez

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  1. I am not receiving the subscription link in my email for some reason…. Hopefully I will soon! I love cool ideas like these!!

  2. Hi Julianne:) My family is looking into getting a family pet after years of having nothing. we’ve been looking into the king charles cavalier recently and we love their look and temperament. what’s your favorite thing about your sweet pups? any cautions or important information? they really are beautiful dogs!

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